Week 5 - Beating that voice in your head

This morning ventured out into the park for wk 5 run 1 - trying not to be nervous. And I did it and it even felt quite enjoyable! I'm so relieved. My first attempt at c25k ended with an injury at the end of week 4 and I've been terrified of that happening again.

But I've paced myself - done lots of stretches and exercises - and now I've got beyond where I had to stop. Even if I have to repeat some weeks or runs - and I'm planning to take it at a very steady pace - then for the first time I'm really beginning to believe I might be able to do this.

6 Replies

  • Very sensible! You will do it! It's hard having the discipline to take it steady though as I know to my cost!

    Keep going!

  • thanks - the encouragement is really helping me keep going

  • ..ain't no stopping you now...!!

  • after a couple of days break because of work - managed wk 5 run 2 today helped on by all the positive thoughts.

  • Fantastic run and a marvelous plan!! There is no hurry to complete the program!! You are doing wonderfully, keep it up and Keep Running!!

  • thanks - it's good to know that other people have sometimes repeated weeks. It's better than giving up!

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