Back in business!

I've just completed my first run since Friday when I had to pull up with an ankle injury. It's cleared up well and I felt no pain. I decided to start back with 20 minutes and had no trouble with it and actually completed 2.2 miles in that time so that's probably as fast as I've ever ran.

I was a bit pooped but Thursday I'll aim for 28 minutes and all being well if I can do it, that will be W8R2 and I'll be back on track. Thrilled to get back out there though. I have had a rough few days without running!!!

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  • Great that the ankle injury has cleared up quickly and that you got straight back in. Thrilled that you're thrilled!

  • Great news Fraz! :)

  • Glad things are better, Fraz. Fingers crossed that you can just power on from where you were before your injury and then soon - VERY soon - you'll be graduating!

  • Welcome back, Fraz!!! I am thrilled for you!! We are still keeping that graduation party going for you!! Hurry along or Gayle will have all of the bubbly gone!! :-)

  • Sorry Fraz...I finished off the bubbly...:-( BUT< I have more chilling!!!!! :-) GREAT NEWS! :-) I feel another party coming on!!!! ;-)

  • Great news, well done! That badge is being polished ready for you ;-)

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