This free podcast is an expensive business

Yes I know the podcast is free but I have had to buy some new trousers. The old ones seem to have expanded in the wash, the reverse of what normally seems to happen. I could actually get a 32 waist instead of a 34. Feels good. Can wear some of my old t-shirts that were a little too snug before as well. If only all life's problems could be solved with a bit of exercise.

In other news, started week 3 tonight. Gritted my teeth and got through the 3 minute run. In a few weeks I'll think of 3 minutes as a light stroll. Tired but feeling good.

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  • Well done, it is always satisfying to see results for your efforts. Keep up the good work

  • I'm starting week 3 in about 20 minutes....very excited. I hope i can get through it.

    Great job!!

  • So cute mabbers!!! I had to keep tugging on my running shorts this past run. Congrats on the inches lost!!

  • Excellent news, mabbers!! It is a great feeling when those snug items start to fit a bit looser!! Week 3 and you are doing great!! Keep Running!!

  • Hi Mabbers, I love that ur clothes are growing in the wash! I'm starting wk 4 tonight and have also noticed my trousers are a bit more spacious. Isn't it great?!

    Hope u enjoy wk 3

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