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It's my party and I'll cry if I want to... first post grad run

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...BUT I'm not!!!!! ;-) BahhHahahaha (insert evil laugh here) This little greedy runner is enjoying every little second of post grad week and posting just so she can see her precious little shiny, bright green graduate badge!!! :-)

Smhall and I did go for a post grad run on Sunday evening. He has coached me along with Laura the past 9 weeks. I thought it was time for me to pick the route. ;-) A pleasant little run in our cemetery seemed like just the spot...some dirt, some gravel, some asphalt paths...sounded perfect...until we arrived and Steve happened to notice the hills and major inclines...which I forgot about... :-) the wind decided to pick up about 30 minutes to leaving the house as well. Steve may write about his experience, so I wont share. I had a pleasant run, other then the hills and wind I enjoyed the change of scenery. I am going to continue working on my stamina over the next few runs and repeat some 30 minute runs. I then think I will move on to steppingstones. Thank you to everyone for the Graduation well wishes!!!! Wishing each of you continued running success!

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Lovely to see the graduate badge Gayle - all shining and sparkling; dont blame you wanting to show it off after all the hard work!

Glad you are still running and blogging. I have thought about running in my local cemetery but think I may get lost as its so huge and dont fancy being locked in after dark!! Think I will stick with the streets and park for now.....

Happy running! Sue x


Thank you Sue!!!! I find a cemetery so peaceful, I can spend hours looking at the headstones and visualizing what that person was like. I agree though, ONLY during daylight hours!!! ;-) Steve thinks I'm crazy but I know deep down my craziness is what attracted him to me. :-) You are doing great by the way! :-)


Lovely badge :-) Sounds like an interesting run. Until last Saturday, I've only run on grass. I was very worried about running on the tarmac path at the racecourse, because whenever I've run on tarmac before, my shins have hurt, but I was fine. I need to get a bit more like you and your hubby, and start being more adventurous.

Those hills are deceiving until you start running, aren't they ;-)

Happy running


I have a new appreciation for hills and wind since starting to run!!! :-) I hope this week goes well for you with all of the training! :-)


That is quite a badge you have there, my love!! I must say that it looks lovely on you!!!

Please, feel free to speak about that @&#%* run as much as you would like to, while I sit here suspiciously silent! My mother once told me that if I couldn't say anything nice, then not to say anything at all!! Two wonderful things came out of that run...first, I completed my first full 5K and the other is that that run is OVER!!! The hills, the wind, the HILLS, the dead people and oh yes, did I mention THE HILLS??? I would much rather forget about it!!! You almost killed me!!!! By the way, is my life insurance paid in full???? :-) Gosh, I LOVE YOU!!!! ;-)


This has made me spit my cup of tea out I'm laughing so much! Sorry smhall for your unfortunate run but you paint such a vivid and amusing picture :) Nice to see yours and gdeann's shiny new badges - I'm waiting on mine. Wishing you both continued success on your postgrad journey!


The badge suits you Gayle :-) (and you Steve) well done on your post grad run.

Nice to see you're still blogging too


Well, I am glad that your run went well Gayle, Steve, i am sorry that yours did not!

I like your plan for post-graduation, it is similar to mine. I would like to get to a place where 5K is my "easy" run. I have signed up for a charity run in a couple of weeks and then I might work on some of the stepping stones. In the new year maybe B210K?!!!

Look at us - we're runners! (and graduates!)


Great job in signing for a 5K Anna! :-) I hope you continue to blog, I think it will be neat to look back in a year and see where our graduating class is. :-)


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