Frustrated wk 7 !! πŸ˜ͺ😑

Morning !

Has anyone experienced a sudden decline in ability?

I cannot get past 12 minutes running on week 7! Tried 2 times this week and my whole body is shutting down past 12 minutes , my mind has gone and I have no motivation ...!

Prior to week 7 I was enjoying the programme and now I feel so defeated ..!

Do you think it's worth re-doing week 6?


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21 Replies

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  • Aww sorry to hear that. I'm only on week 5 so can't really advise but I can just imagine how frustrated you are. Maybe start going slower than slow to keep some energy reserved or change your route or music? Someone more experienced will help to advise soon I'm sure. Try to be positive though. 12 minutes is incredible in my eyes 😊

  • You can do this! Lots of things affect our running so be less hard on yourself.

    Take an extra rest day. Hydrate well the day before your run. Plan a nice route.... i had a flat green route I used to fall back on as a treat. Start slow and stay slow. Remember we all experience that tough toxic 10, the first 10 mins or so of constant running when your body hasnt yet realised it needs to go to 'run mode'. Accept this is the case, take note of when it begins to feel easier...... it takes me 12-13 minutes every run even though i can now run a constant 11k or so. But because i am aware of the toxic 10 i can get myself through it.

    You will do this , we are with you every stepπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»

  • That 10 minutes..!!! I have started to pretend that my warm up walk is it... :) I was getting a tad too focused on the beginning of the run!! It's working... I think :)

  • I generally find the first kilometre a real chore.

  • You can always do the second kilometre first

  • Toxic 10, Thankyou that was super interesting to read, I'm a beginner and only on week 3 and always struggle for around the first ten minutes for the first few runs, Wondered why! Good to know it happens to everybody!

  • Thanks for that. I am only starting (W2R2 today) but will try to remember this further on. Have swum 5k but still find the first 500m the hardest, so if I can think of that and your toxic 10, it may well help later.

  • As Jacs-W suggests... slow it doooooown! Warm up well, and just head out in a relaxed easy way... we all experience that beginning of the run feeling... or most of us do :)

    Move on, slowly and steadily.... the mojos have a habit of hiding , I think they hang out with the gremlins... you will find yours again as you move forward. We are right here with you:)

  • Maybe give ourself a couple of rest days where you just go for some nice walks? If you only run with Laura, maybe switch her out for some music and just set yourself a timer for the 25 minutes, so you aren't waiting for her voice?

  • Don't get too frustrated by it. I really struggled with this one and found myself doing exactly the same thing. I made sure that I ran for the 25 minutes, even with the 'walking break' and each time I went out I made sure I ran further before I gave in to the gremlins and stopped then it all just clicked into place - got over the settling in problems of breathing, legs working, so just give it time, don't panic, it will work and it doesn't matter how many practice runs it takes.

  • The brain is a pain. Physically we can keep going but the mind wants to have control. Might be worth slowing right down, even if it is ridiculously slow, physically it might be easier and more fun. Mentally, make up your mind to go out and plan to post on the Forum how you did. We all believe in you. How about a mental distraction, the right music, someone to run with you?

  • Its a 20 minute run , so why not treat it as 4x5 minute runs . Find 4 tunes you like of roughly 5 min play them and count down as they change . You then run for 4 songs or 4 blocks of 5 . Go really slow , slower than you think possible . Worked for me, ask oldfloss

  • It's 25 minutes from what I gathered!

  • Yes it is , sorry about that but theory still same

  • It's 25

  • Sorry, was having trouble posting, meant that it is 25, but same theory... but also see those comments were already made... sorry ;-)

  • I remember Michael Johnson telling me how I was physically prepared but I had to now teach my brain that I could do the longer runs. It sounds to me the issue is with those pesky doubting gremlins.

    You did the same run W6R3. All you are doing is consolidating that. Not to take anything away as it is a great achievement, but it is NOT beyond you.

    I try not to think about the time when I run. I run down a route and when the halfway bell rings I run on for a bit to a specific point (post box, road junction, etc) then turn round and run home. I just try to focus on the run - enjoying the weather/ birdsong/ peoples front gardens, etc and not how long I have left. Running down the clock for me is very difficult.

    The fact you are mentioning 12 minutes says to me you are focusing on the time too much. Give yourself a break and just set out to enjoy a nice run. The time will take care of itself.

  • I think that you use the expression 'decline in ability' but this is wrong. You are 'able' to do it as its a course that is designed so that the maximum number of people get to the end, and you are more than half way through it so you are able. Anyway, ( haven't finished the course either) it's got to be your mind wondering as you are running. The runs are long for most of us and sometimes its hard to get into that rhythm where you feel you can run for a long time.

    Some days you just don't fancy it, and I think on these days you can run bad or you can even turn it around and run a good race, it could be diet or rest or something, but you wouldn't be at week 7 if you weren't able. All you have to do is think back to the start when you were running little periods you would think '' I would never be able to run 12 minutes'' But clearly you can,so you will eventually break the 12 minute block in your mind. It is inevitable, you are just going to need another run or two to do it.

    I wouldn't personally repeat 6 if its a question of motivation. I would change my course, or the environment, get that laura app thing or find another one if you already have it. If / when you stop its ok, but remember how long you walked for and make sure if you stop again, walk for a shorter time next time. Definitely think of changing your route in my opinion.

  • Your doing great! Do w6r3 again if you want, it won't hurt. Make sure well hydrated warmed up ready and always gently stretch afterwards.

    Are you getting the little thoughts coming through saying this is too tough! Getting too hot and bothered! I can't do this? I think you are! they are the pesky gremlin's! What they say is untrue! but these negatives will pop up, but you're not in any pain are you, then you have to push on through them, slow n steady!😊

  • Thankyou everybody !!

    Run 3 tomorrow and I am determined to do it!

    I will 🀞 be posting an update in the morning once I have cracked this week 7 run!!!

    I won't be defeated .. thanks again !

  • Sooooooo common to have a rubbish experience somewhere in weeks 7-9, it is practically the law, teaching us that bad runs happen. Maybe we push at it a bit hard, maybe it is wobbles from realising it will soon be down to us to work out how we are going to carry this forward, maybe there's an element of boredom or just getting a bit hung up. A change of route can help if you have been doing the same one. With everything you've described, going back a step doesn't sound like a positive move.

    However, just occasionally, a loss of performance running is what takes someone to the GP and there does turn out to be a reason - we've had a few, fixable things.

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