Wk 2 - R2 completed 9/7/14

Hi Just started the plan last week after many years of inactivity !

I used to be sporty many years ago !

Anyway just wondered if there are any other people on the forum who are at about the same stage and can help each other through the next 9 weeks, through their experiences etc

Have found it challenging so far, feel good after the runs but feeling really tired & a few aches +1 day or +2 days after.

So far managed to stick with it.

I guess it really gets harder as it goes on though.

Hoping to run the 5k Park Run in my area when i can get fit enough.


Danny (Age 39 - Poole Dorset)


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8 Replies

  • Hi Danny - 1 run behind you but planning on getting out tomorrow morning.

    Happy to share my experiences, would be good to know how you are doing also.

    I am due to be out of the country in a couple of weeks time but will still be committed to doing this so still happy to give updates.


  • Hi

    I just doing it 3 week. Yes legs payn and I doing only 3 km at the moment. I have plan to run 5 km, without stop. I managed to run only twice a week, so far...

    Dont stop!

    Sandarita age 43

  • Hello Danny! I'm one run behind you, week 2 run 2 tomorrow! I was very active as a teenager but have neglected exercise over the last couple of years! I was very much starting from square one when I started this just over a week ago. I'm finding it challenging, it is that initial getting out the door that is the most difficult for me, I try to remember how good it feels afterwards! Like you I feel it most the day after, mostly sore muscles! Good luck with the rest of the week! See you there soon!

    - Poppy :)

  • Welcome to the centre of the universe for new runners. The C25k programme is superbly structured and doesn't really get harder as you go through it. If you complete a run, then you are ready for the next one. If you don't, then repeat it as necessary. You are in control. Just take it easy and don't go off too fast, keep something in reserve on each run, so you can finish strongly. In just a few weeks you will be a graduate, your life will have changed and so will your outlook on life. C25k is empowering in so many ways.

    Good luck. Keep running, keep posting.

  • Yes welcome, this is a great programme and you will find so many positive benefits. Take things steady, take your rest days and check in on this forum for motivation and support. Good luck with your running X :-)

  • Welcome aboard, Danny :)

    There'll be someone who's at the same stage but even if there isn't, there are plent of us who've been there and can offer encouragement :) Good luck.

  • Welcome Danny, starting week 3 on Sunday, I started back to c25k after signing up to a learn to run programme my sports therapist was doing so at the moment I'm using that as my 3rd I'm guessing that will have to change soon though.

    Starting to like it, tried cycling but I miss the music! Best of luck

  • Thanks all, 3rd run of wk2 this evening coming up !

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