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Week 5 done: a milestone!

Latest instalments in my running log:

W5R1: back home and feeling a bit tired, but I go out for my run after work at around 6pm, back to the local track this time. The run goes well, and I am accompanied by one of my kids who is now on week 6. My weight is down by another half kilo, which is ok considering I was travelling and eating some rich food over the past week or so.

W5R2: Lovely crisp autumn morning, perfect for a run. I use the trails in the park rather than the track and it does indeed help to mix it up a bit! The second half of the second run goes on a bit, but I do it. Endomondo says I did just over 3km, which is something to be proud of! Next up, a full 20 minutes of jogging on Monday morning.

W5R3: I did it! Yes! Can’t quite believe that this programme has turned me from a couch potato into someone who can jog 20 minutes straight and talks seriously about trying a half marathon next year.

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Well done!

I found week 5 really hard, and did runs 1 and 2 quite a few times before moving on!

Keep it up! :)


Well done! I managed Wk5 r2 today and everyone who's gone before is an inspiration - egging me on to the next stage. All the best for week 6 and yes - if you want to do a half marathon you know how far we've all got so far so it's got to be a possibility (think I'll stick to 5k myself).

Keep going!


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