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Well, I went to the docs yesterday and apparently I have pulled a ligament in both knees and have very loose joints and weak quads. This is what is causing all the knee pain. I have got to do lots of this straight leg extension exercises to build up my quads and take a break from running before gradually easing back into it. If the exercises don't make a difference, then I might eventually need physio.

I didn't ever download Strength and Flex because I didn't think that I had time to do that as well as three runs a week, but I wish that I had now! I had no idea that I had weak quads or loose joints, or a poor running style, but have been in a lot of pain since my last run on Sat!

Hope that the exercises work and the pain goes away so that I can start some gentle running again. I really want to get a graduate badge one day! I have been encouraging myself by reading blog entries from people on here who have taken longer than 9 weeks to complete C25K, but still done it in the end!

I meant to say that my husband is still sticking to the programme! I will be so gutted when he overtakes me as I started first, although he has promised that he will repeat the week 2 runs, just in case my knees recover enough to run with him again soon. If I am not better in a week then he will zoom off into the distance! I am pleased that he is persevering with it!


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18 Replies

  • Oh no! Dont worry and dont give up. Follow your doctors instructions and build up your strength and you will do it!!

  • Thanks for the support! I just keep on telling myself that even if I have to take a break and get more unfit again, at least I will have done some exercise more recently than the first time I started the C25K (and have stronger quads)!

  • Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear this. You really must take the advice and rest until you get more strength in those knees! You were doing so well and I am certain you will again as soon as the knees have healed. I guess if hubby is continuing then that will be a big incentive for you to get back into it just as soon as you can. Is swimming an option? May be less damaging but help keep the fitness level. Just a thought. Wishing you all the very best to get well again! Linda

  • Yes, I definitely want to go out running with my husband again as soon as I can! The doctor did actually recommend swimming to me, not breaststroke, just kicking my legs in the water while holding onto a float or the edge or something (as I said that I am no good at front crawl). I will go swimming soon, but I can't really go three times a week like I was running as I would have to pay entry at a public pool and drive into town to get to it. Might take my husband and little girl for a splash about though! Thanks for the encouragement and best of luck again with your running!

  • Awwww heck, what a stink thing to discover :( Still, better to discover these things now so that you can concentrate on getting everything stronger, rather than causing irreparable damage and ceasing to be able to run altogether! I'm sure you will find that the days/weeks will pass quickly and that you will soon put everything right (after all, you don't know how this weakness may have been around before you even thought of running!) You look after yourself and thank goodness you have a jolly hubby who will encourage and wait for you ... If he does get ahead of you there is a definite positive to gain from this ... He can get out there and sus' out all the lovely gentle runs for you for when you're ready to join him ;)

    And, don't forget, there's no need to think stopping running will equal getting unfit! Have you considered swimming? (keeps you moving and the water actually supports painful tendons and joints) Browse online and look for other exercises you can do to get upper body fitter too (neck, shoulders, back, arms ...) Or maybe some even research into how you can treat yourselves when you both graduate ;) :D

    Lots of luck and do what the doc tells you - you'll soon be out there again. Luv Linda x

  • Thank you very much! It seems as though it will be the pool for me then! Yes, I should look on the positive side that at least I did go and find out fairly early before I have actually ripped any of my ligaments! I will have to send my husband to scout out some more fields! Thanks for the tips!

  • :( Sorry to hear about the injuries. It's so disheartening when you can't go running just as you are beginning to get into it. It took me 9 months to complete the programme due to various foot injuries, then my husband also started and can go much further and faster than me...annoying! Don't worry you'll get there eventually. Good luck with the exercises. xx

  • Thank you very much. 9 months then graduating shows real stamina. Maybe I should just accept that my husband will irritatingly get his graduate badge before me!

  • Hey don't despair, I have bad knees and had to take some time out. I now use knee supports, (about £8 each from Tesco) and use the knee strengthening routine on the strength & flex section ( and have found that they help me a lot.

    I am back running now, but as soon as my knees start to hurt I stop. It is not worth pushing it too far.

    I really hope you get back to the routine soon, keep up the exercises and you will get there :-)

  • Good to hear that your knee exercises make a real difference. I was doing some while on a course today! Happy that you are running again. It will be me soon too, fingers crossed! I thought getting a knee brace. My doc said not to, but I was wondering if I would feel more comfortable doing race for life, even if I walk it, with my knee stabilised. Thanks for the link too!

  • Good luck with the healing, hopefully it won't take long and you'll be back, but stronger.

    Maybe you could set yourself a swimming challenge in the meantime. Is there a 'couch to 50 lengths'?? :-D

  • That's a good idea! Swimming a different stroke (I have been told not to swim breaststroke) will be a challenge for me, but I must be brave, when my knees are a bit better anyway! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • sorry to hear that, I hope the swimming and leg extensions help in the meantime. Have they told you to do some hamstring stretches and calf raises/heel digs too, to balance your leg strength?

    Are you allowed to walk? When you are, you could go for some walks, build up distance and speed as your knees allow, i.e. listen to your body. It will help prepare you for the running again (and make you feel good)

    Let your hubby race on ahead, give him lots of support and encouragement, it will make you feel good and he'll do the same for you when you are back up and running. Wish you big luck for a speedy recovery

  • Hi. I was told not to run yet, but I don't think that I am supposed to sit down all day so I am pottering about a small amount. Walking is painful, but hopefully it will become less so as I strengthen my muscles. I have only been told to do the extensions although the doc did start to show me another exercise with my knee bent over my other knee, but my bent knee felt very odd, as though it was moving, and so she said to abandon that one. I prob should start other strengthening exercises too. Just said to my husband about going ahead and he said that he will go when he is ready. He isn't too desperate to start week 3! Thanks for the advice!

  • get plenty of rest first, otherwise it will take longer to heal. Frustrating, I know, you'll have to find a diversion.....(I don't recommend online shopping for running clothes, I made that mistake!)

    A couple of simple exercises* that might not hurt in a week or so (moving slowly, ANY discomfort around the knee, STOP!)

    1. sit on the floor with your back to the wall. Point and flex your toes, slowly with deep inhale/exhale respectively, it will strengthen the muscles below your knee and keep your ankles flexible for when you start running again.

    2. toes pointing towards ceiling and then lean forwards a little from your hips/pelvis with an exhale (keeping back straight), and feel the stretch in your hamstrings. You can either go back and forth into this with your breath or hold your torso forward and breathe deeply, letting go of tension around your hips and allowing your hamstring to elongate a little with every exhale.

    These shouldn't cause any problems for your knee (unless you've torn tendons, not ligaments) as you are not putting any weight on your knee joint. Really focus on the muscles while you are doing it.

    There is nothing to stop you doing some exercise with your upper body too - grab a couple of cans of beans and do some bicep curls, tricep kick backs, shoulder press, all sitting in dining room chair. Or just do some armchair yoga. It's all good for you and will help to relieve the frustration ;-)


    * Disclaimer, this is not professional advice, just what I might try if I were in the same situation! Always consult your health professional before undertaking exercise and be extra careful when injured.

  • Wow. Thank you very much! I will try those soon. Will return to my doc if my knees don't stop being painful after a while, but I am finding walking a little easier now and my doc didn't mention any tendon probs so I think those are ok. Thanks again!

  • Oh, poor you! How tiresome. I echo all the others who have said that you will get back to this, and you know that you can get off the couch. I do hope that your knee problems resolve soon; swimming is certainly very restorative, but, as you say, expensive. Very best of luck and do let us all know when you are back to running again. We look forward to seeing your husband's grad badge, and your own not long afterwards.

  • Thank you. It's so lovely all the support people give on here! Really motivating. My knee is not hurting so much now. Yippee! I managed to do quite a bit of walking at the zoo yesterday (plus some sets of leg extensions) and am hoping to go for a swim on Monday. I am starting to wonder if just maybe I might be able to start running again. Trying not to get my hopes up too much though! Good luck with your running everyone!

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