HELP - I've been abducted by aliens!

Had a really scary moment. My heart was racing. I was in a land where everyone was able to run for miles and miles. All achieving amazing running feats. I felt like an alien. How did I get here? Help! How do I get back to my comfort zone?

Phew, heart rate reducing, I accidentally hit the link to 'Couch to 5K+' blogs. Yes, PLUS.

Its ok, I'm back, I'm safe. And.....breathe......and.......breathe

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  • Know what you mean vixiej - I was looking on there yesterday and started to hyper-ventilate too!! I can but dream at the moment but hope to be there one day......

  • I took some rescue remedy, breathing returned to normal now. We'll both get there, I am pretty sure :-)

  • Consider it a preview of where you both will soon be! :-)

  • bring it on (actually I'm terrified!)

  • Totally amazing, huh? I accidentally found it this past week...oh my, I'm officially a Graduate now, but oh, my... those people are totally awesome!! :-)

  • yes, it's a lot to live up to. Ooooohhhhhh, look at those lovely new graduate badges on you two :-)

  • Everyone who is out there doing it is awesome! I love reading everyone achievements newbies and graduates...all so inspiring. Always makes me want to get to the next step/ goal. :)

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