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Starting over...wont let it beat me! Motivated again

Well I graduated beginning of July-really pleased with myself and happy with my 1st park run. Went away on 2 weeks hols with lots of food and wine and no exercise. Came back anxious I would have lost 'IT' and surprised myself that I could still jog for 5k. Did two 5k runs in a week and then my knees went. Thought i would be able to run it out-big mistake. Tried a few times cutting runs down to 15 minutes etc.Think its ITB and to cut a long boring story short, Im 1/2 stone heavier and have just been out for a week 1 and 2 run to get me going again. Ive changed my running style a little to see if that helps and desperately need to build up stamina again and hope my knees hold out! Going to get gait analysed next week and start IBT exercises. Feeling apprehensive and motivated but need to rememeber not to over do it either. 9 weeks to graduate-12 weeks to getting back to where I started!! Hey I still want to run though....

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Good for you, starting again is a good idea, take it slow and don't over do it and I'm sure you will soon be a double graduate!


Good luck - maybe it won't take so long to get up to speed again. Lots of kudos for getting back on to the programme. Keep us updated?


If it doesn't improve do consider going to a chiropractor or physio to see if you have any underlying problems. I graduated in July having ignored the odd knee twinge - by August I was out of action with really bad ITB and now I am having to start the entire programme over again! x


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