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Gave w8r2 a beating, and Sarah let me down again!


I just came in from the latest run, and I'll be honest: it was a toughie. Talk about a toxic first five minutes! My breathing was all over the place and at one point I was wishing I could just photosynthesize, it would have been easier than constantly counting in and out! I began to flag a little when I had to hop over a fence and my legs felt like they were about to buckle, but I managed to push on into the big hill before the luuurvely flat section, but I was almost out of energy by the end of that and trudged to the end, only realising 32 minutes in I hadn't heard my favourite Geordie for some time and the app had stopped again! (I'm thinking of swapping to Strava instead of endomondo, there's obviously a clash in software) but I simply added another minute on to the end and timed it.

Don't get me wrong, it was a good run, but tough in stages.

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Always use Strava never had an issue. Good luck.


The run may have been tough in places, but you were tougher all the way. Way to go.

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Thanks dude, my right knees a bit stiff now. I think ill be enjoying a good rest day tomorrow and strapping it up when I go out again.


Well done! You kept going 👏🏻👏🏻We all have runs like that, so don’t worry! I’ve also had the app give up on me but only repeated runs after week 9 (?!) Bet the next one will be awesome!


Well done for pushing on! I use strava with the C25K app - they used to clash and C25K would stop if a 0.5km notification came on at the same time as Sarah, so I’ve turned the strava voice notifications off and had no probs since :)

I had an issue with that same run yesterday. Not an app problem, but a hideous first 7 or so minutes. Funny how some runs are bogey ones.

Well done for pushing on - and exceeding the 28 minutes though! Not far to go now.


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I've been having it every run, it's like I'm trying too hard to get oxygen in my lungs, so I tend to do slow breaths and not completely fill my lungs at first until I have to. It's a wierd one. Almost like I think 'ok, I'm running so I NEED OXYGEN. PANIC STATIONS! BREATHE HARD!' But I don't actually need it.


well done. I use Strava and no issues either, along with radio/phone music or spotify

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