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Wk7r1 - fail!

After completing wk6 on Friday without too much trouble I was looking to starting wk7 this morning. Once the fog cleared it was a beautiful crisp clear morning and although I had a nagging feeling about my knee I chose to ignore it as I couldn't resist the opportunity to run in the sun. Big mistake!

On laura's advice I chose to change my route, no i didn't find it distracting and helped time to go quicker, I did find it disconcerting with surprise uphills that are not there in the car!

My knee was hurting from the outset but I usually manage to just ignore pain (having three babies in four years and can do that for a woman - he he!). What I couldn't ignore was the complete and total lack of energy and lead like legs. It was ridiculous I felt absolutely dreadful. After about 17 i called my lovely husband and he came to fetch me, but by the time he got three boys wrestled into car seats I had pretty much limped home anyway. I am just so cross with myself and feel like such a wimp. I have tonsillitis on the way I think, and was up half the night feeding humphrey- waking up feeling completely dessicated. And I did spend all day yesterday walking around Cheltenham literary festival and only had a portion of chip shop chips for tea on the way home last night.......but they all just feel like excuses and I am so infuriated with myself I feel like going out and trying again!

Maybe I need to start eating something before I go out- I always get a stitch of I run on anything or than a totally empty tummy though.....what shall I do guys?

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Dont beat yourself up monmou; it sounds like you just didnt listen to your body which we have all done and then regretted it. Dont see it as a fail, just a blip because you know you can do it and there are still a few runs on W7 to perfect that 25 mins run. Thats how I am viewing it after my blip on W6R3 yesterday....

Get yourself fit before attempting the next one and you will be fine! Good luck!


You're not making excuses, monmou, these are reasons! I'm frankly amazed you have the time and energy to even think about running with 3 wee ones! So, don't be so hard on yourself, cut yourself some slack, you have nothing to prove by pushing yourself so hard! Sorry if I sound a bit 'lecturing', I'm speaking as a Mum of 3 ( now all in their twenties!) and remember how hard it is! I'm full of admiration for you! Good luck for the rest of the programme and look after yourself!


You didn't fail you just had a bad run , take 2 days rest and start again and you will be surprised. Pat :-)


Simply brilliant answer, Pat!!


Put it down to age smhall , I had a few bad runs but had lots of support Pat :-)


Have a good rest for a day or two till you're feeling like your normal self again and then have another go. It wasn't a failure, you ran for 17 minutes, just think how impossible that would have sounded just a few weeks ago!

And enjoy your lovely boys while they are young enough to pick up and smooch with - mine are teens/twenties now, they don't come to Mum for hugs quite so often these days... ;-)

Good luck and get better soon! :-)


You are far from a failure monmou!!!! That nasty F word needs to run away! ;-) We find the days of our run we mentally try to prepare as well as we try to eat better and drink more fluids. I remember on the audio Laura pointing out water will help with stitches. maybe even do part of a banana about an half hour or so before. Also try before and after stretching...nothing fancy, just stretch a bit. There will be times the run will be horrid...I myself have several...just try to remember it will get better and look at what your doing for yourself. Hugs to you and maybe you can count running after those little ones as cross-training. :-)


I think that p184's answer is simply brilliant!!!

We all have bad runs!!!! My W8R2 was devastating!!! I had a total lack of energy and lead like legs!!!! (sound familiar???) It didn't matter how hard I pushed or tried, I just wasn't going to go any faster. I finished, but at the pace slow enough for your wee ones to ride their little scooters in circles around me!! I had no reasons or excuses, it was just a terrible run!!

Have you ever wondered how many miles you log taking care of those little ones?? I bet it would be a lot more than a W7 run!!!

Keep your head up!!! You are in W7 and you have come so very far!! You can and WILL DO THIS!!! KEEP RUNNING!!


I also wanted to add that I am having knee problems. A support helps during my runs to keep my knee cap stable. If you continue with problems, it might be worth checking into.


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