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What a funny week!

Getting ready to begin my second 'post-grad' week and having a lot of mixed feelings.

My first run after graduating (last Monday) was a disaster! I decided to spurn Laura and run unaided (apart for the local news programme) - a bad mistake. I probably started too quickly and too full of myself. After about 10 minutes I was rally struggling - tried to find Laura again but fiddling with the MP3 player lost concentration and almost the will to live! Stumbled on for another 10 minutes or so - more walking than running - before finally giving up in disgust (with myself!).

Wednesday was a bad day anyway - too much going on - so I made a lot of excuses to myself and didn't run at all. By Friday I was overwhelmed by guilt so went out again with Laura and did the W9 run again but covered less distance and found it harder than the previous week. Am I regressing? Where do i go from here?

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Well done for getting out there. And no run you actually do is a bad run! I reckon we learn more from less successful runs than from straightforward runs.

You are still near the bottom of the steep learning curve that we are all on. Its a bit like having passed your driving test. It has been very intense and challenging and you have done well to get there but that is only the beginning of the process that takes us from anxious newbies to knowing just how far and fast we can go safely and with enjoyment!

And look at you, fretting about not running the whole 30 mins when only a few weeks ago a 3 min run was a big deal :-)

You have already answered your own question as to why that Mon run might have been too challenging - going out too fast! I was lucky, I started on a treadmill and then once I ventured out I had a lend of my sister's garmin so I could stick to what I knew was my manageable pace.

Nothing wrong with redoing the week 9 podcast. I personally used my own choice of music and just ran for 30 mins a few times, then starting trying to run a bit longer - but still at my slow steady pace - till I got to 5k (as I was nowhere near that at graduating).

You CAN do this. Just take it easy. Plenty of time to work on getting faster/going further later on.

If you feel like stopping, remember to slow down, and tell yourself you can stop after you count to 50, count to 50 slowly, see how you feel - and repeat!


Wise words from Deryn62. You have done extremely well Padre. But take it slowly, what is the rush?

Brecht once wrote: "Sitting on the edge of the road, I'm watching the driver changing the tyre. There's no yesterday and no tomorrow. Why then am I in such a hurry?" (My poor translation from German) . But think about it. HAPPY RUNNING!


Hi Padre, I graduated on the 24th Sept, must have been about the same time as you so we can pat each other's virtual backs!

Have you tried the 5K+ podcasts? Here's what I found:

I started out with Stepping Stones, but the podcast began at a considerably slower speed than my comfort zone, I was falling over my feet all the time and while it might be just what I'd need to build up condition, I've ditched this one.

Stamina is a bit faster and quite tough, you really feel you're getting a workout. At 35 mins it's quite long but Laura's right there with you, 1-2-3-4-ing and making sure you're going all the way!

And Speed she's literally in your ears all the time, it's a five minute jog (after the warm-up) followed by 1 minute intervals, quite fast. Sixteen minutes in all and you're glad to stop.

I've decided to do one Stamina, one Speed, and one run of 5K to my own music, and just keep alternating them until Speed and Stamina become easy. That won't be for a while but like Delia said, what's the rush?

With my own music, on a good day, I've hit 5K in about 37 minutes, so that might give you an idea of whether the 5K+ podcasts would suit you too.

Happy running whatever you decide! :-)


Great advice, Mitts. Thanks for this.


Some great advice here. As Deliaitaly says, it doesn't matter what happened yesterday or what's going to happen tomorrow, only what is happening now. You have done fantastic to get where you are, just keep going out and posting on here, we all have tough periods but there are some wonderful supportive people on here, you are one of them!


Thanks everyone for the encouragement and support - I really do appreciate it. I've decided to try the 5K+ podcasts tomorrow - just got to decide which one now! I'll let you know how I get on.


Totally agree with Deryn that graduation is like passing the driving test - just the end of the begining not the end of the journey. I found it pretty hard to keep up the motivation after I graduated last July too. I kept doing week 9 for a bit as I could not let go of Laura telling me what to do. Recently I have been doing the c25+ podcasts. I'd say try stepping stones or speed first according to preference. Stepping stones is a 30 min run to a defined beat. Speed is shorter but intervals. All are tough so don't be discouraged if you don't finish or struggle. It took me 3 attempts to get to the end of Stamina! Good luck and hang in there. Remember back in week 1 when 60 seconds seemed like an age and see how far you have come! :-)


After graduation I carried on for another week with the w9 podcast, trying to get more confident, not having to drag myself to the end. Then tried the c25+. Like Mitts I found the stepping stones too slow, was trying to run slower than I walk, but everyone is different. Give it a try and see how you do. Generally tho i do 1 run, 30 mins to my own music, one run Stamina and alternate with perhaps a speed podcast once a week. But I found the speed one a bit odd too so generally try to use my own music and do a bit of interval training. The point is that it's finding what's best suited to you. You don't HAVE to do 30 mins every time either, you could do 20 mins at a fast pace one day, 30 mins slower another day. There is no right or wrong. All up to you. Have fun tho, that's the main thing.


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