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Greetings from Toronto, Canada

Hi Everyone,

I have been lurking on this site for the past few months and this is my first post. First a great big thank you to everyone who posts on this forum. I have sucessfully completed the 9 week program a few weeks back and continue to run for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

During the C25K program I used to visit the forum daily for motivation and information.

I am in my mid 50's and had never been able to run for more than minute since childhold. So this spring I decided to teach myself how to run......and thanks to Laura, the NHS and this forum, I have been sucessful! My husband has also taken up the program and is a few runs away from graduation,

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It is fantastic, isn't it? c25k is great, and so is the NHS!


Hello to you both in Toronto, don't be shy any longer. People always say they get so much help from reading blogs on this site, how it helps motivate and inspire them. But as my darling mum used to say, "A kind person gets as much pleasure out of giving as receiving" So please share your experiences and achievements, it all helps those that are maybe having little doubts about their abilities.

If you followed the programme you need to send JR21 thats John in Admin a message and he will see you get your graduate badge, hubby too when he's finished. Congratulations :)


Hello from Ottawa! Good for you finishing the programme. My 'graduation' is this week. I will be interested to hear your winter running experiences... I plan to try and run in the snow (we will see how that goes).


Hey don't forgot to ask for your green graduation badge, you deserve it, well done to you.


mabbers - I agree.....the whole NHS website is amazing

Oldgirl - you have been a real inspiration to me; thanks for your advice and kind words

canuckgirl - winter running is going to be a whole new ball game. I may have to take the running indoors if we have a tough winter. Hopefully it will start in Jan and end in March :)

Burstcouch - thanks for you kind words; as suggested I have asked for my graduation badge


Well done to you both kartor, congratulations-you are amazing! Good that canuckgirl is from Ottawa-at least you can share weather forecasts,lol! My son's girlfriend is from Winnipeg, and has just immigrated here. So excited to have her. She already has our surname, so no change, if they marry, there for her. She's lovely. My son to thank for getting me onto this programme, so she will know all about it (he is a 25k runner now). I finished week 6 today, and have lost 5kgs in weight since I started 6 weeks ago-I agree that the whole website is amazing as not everyone can afford gym fees-and to think that we have our own personal trainer too. I haven't told my son that I am doing it-so a big surprise when he sees me next. Good luck to you both for your continued running programmes :-). This blog site is so inspirational too and keeps me going with all the tips, support and comments.

A huge thank you to everyone out there.


There are a lot of Canadians on here. I live in Hamilton, just across the lake from TO.


WELCOME! Feel free to blog often! I like your shiny new badge! :-)


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