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One more run to go!!! So excited!


I've worked out how to get Endomondo to track me properly. There's a knack to it. You turn on the GPS about 1/2 an hour before you leave the house. 15 minutes later you turn on the app. Down in the bottom left hand corner I've discovered the word 'locating.' Guess what this means? go on ask me! It means it hasn't found me! I can head off on my five minutes warm up but I mustn't start running until it says 'GPS excellent' Then I can press play and head off on my run. Perfectly tracked! How long has that taken me? I'm so clever with technology sometimes I think they should give me a job in IT. Apologies to Endomondo for my stupidity and to everyone here for my whinging about it.

Anyway where was I? Oh yes W9R2 done and dusted on such a beautiful morning. It felt like an honour to be out with all the sheep, cows and ponies. In one of the fields I pass sometimes there are three sheep dogs who run along the perimeter of the fence with me barking their encouragement. (They are much faster) It was great to see them again today. Oh and the best thing is some of the cows have had babies so I now have baby calves on my favourite route as well as baby shetland ponies.

Also did 5k in 31.45 - a PB.

Life is good.

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Well done you and good luck for the graduation run! :-)

What a lovely run and what a great PB! Good luck for your graduation run!


Life is good pelephant! We are set to have a graduation party!!!! :-) I am a farm girl at heart and your run sounds fantastic. We live in town now so city and hubby control my allowed livestock, strays etc. We had a stray kitty show up at the door this week. Steve likes to say he is allergic to them but I have my serious doubts. Only 1 more run and you're already at a 5k!!! Totally brilliant!!!! I see a shiny badge for you in the very near future!!!


Lovely blog pelephant, sounds quite idyllic, I'm green with envy. Wonderful 5K time too when you haven't graduated yet, brilliant :)


Well done pelephant and nearly there! Would love to have that kind of surroundings on my run but sadly I'm an urban runner so just houses, streets and more houses..... at least I have a park nearby if I want some "countryside" I suppose!!

Good luck for the grad run!


Congrats on your personal best Pelephant! I have noticed that we seem to be on the same timeline for graduation. I often wonder as I run who else on the programme might be running at exactly the same time.

I love to hear about the sheep barking. I run past cows, horses, and on some mornings wild turkeys! The weather here is getting colder which means that we have a beautiful show of colour. I was thinking this morning that I should post a pic of the leaves changing. Nice to hear about the different locations that people run in.

Good luck with your final run and see you at graduation!!


Superbly done, Pelephant!! You are almost there!!! One more run and it will say, "Pelephant...Graduate" It has a pretty nice ring to it, doesn't it?? :-)


Nice one Pelephant! I'm living vicariously through you and all the week niners at the moment so to speak, as I am STILL hanging on to this head cold and seeing other people's achievements is the only thing which is making me not go in a strop because I'm still not able to go out running after 9 days off. Good luck for your grad run, make it a good one!

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