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Any advice on achilles tendon injuries?

I should now be looking forward to week nine and graduation, but have been laid up for the last four weeks with pain in my right achilles. There has been little improvement since having to stop C25K after week four and I'm getting a little desperate now. Internet sites I have read talk about a recovery time of 3-6 months! Has anyone else suffered this condition? Any advice or tips for a quicker recovery? Help!

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I would see what a sports physio or doc has to say, if you haven't already done that. I know they can take time, a friend of mine had an Achilles injury a few years ago and it took about 4 months but she's back to doing 10K now, so don't give up!

Good luck, hope it improves soon!


I have found eccentric heel drops really helped.

Good luck :-)


About three years ago I had really painful and swollen achilles tendons in both feet , nothing to do with running, I actually think it was swimming 1.5 - 2 miles 4 - 6 times per week, all the doctors I visited disputed this and their advice was just to take ibuprofen.

This went on for months until I had to see another doctor about a foot infection (swimming again) and she was horrified about my achilles and referred me for physio. I had by this time tried just about everything the internet suggested and had just booked to see a podiatrist to try orthotic insoles.

I had just had the insoles for about a week when my physio came through and I was given about 6 sessions of ultrasound, I was very sceptical. My physiotherapist said I wouldn't notice any change in the first three sessions, but I did, to my amazement my tendons felt more relaxed after the first session. Within a couple of weeks I was pretty much cured and the swelling had pretty much gone.

I'm not sure which helped, but I've been problem free since.

Hope that helps


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