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New starter injuries advice?


Hi there

I’m after some advice.

My partner and I have both been in agony for the last week after starting the C25K programme.

Both beginners, we’ve completed w1 with minimal issues, just niggles, aches and pains. Since then though, my partner has been hardly able to walk and has what we think (through online diagnosis) is shin splints.

I have lesser issues and was able to run W2R1 but have since had pain in my heel (especially when going downstairs), knees and hip. I’ve completed a yoga class since but no more running.

We’re both really glum to have had to stall our progress.

Has anyone got any ideas or tips on progressing with C25K when the pain eases and what might have caused such a reaction to the course, at such an early stage?

Many thanks in advance

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I suffer with shin splint and calve issues

I’m only on week 3 run 1

I have purchased compression socks which I wore this am and they helped

I’m also doing plenty stretches in between run days and before / after tread

Also I got myself to running shop who assessed my foot placing on tread and I purchased some expensive trainers which also help

I suffer from osteoarthritis so I take everything slowly too

Hope some of this helps x

Thanks for your reply. Well done on getting to w3 :-)

As an out of shape, fat 40 year old lass, I was a bit intimidated by the running shops. I will give the gait analysis a go though. Bloke in the sports shop I went to reckoned I was 'neutral' and I got some insoles. I think a proper assessment for us both is the way to go.

Compression sock? Are they the knee highs you see people running in? Always wondered what they were all about.

Best of luck with the rest of your running and thanks again. xx

Yes they are x

I’d recommend a gait analysis to get running shoes that work for you!


Good advice above. When you are ready to start again make sure that you are running really slowly and at your own pace. Have you read the guides under the FAQs? Really worth the time



Agony is not a word we should associate with running. I had the same issues and ended up getting injured...very long story that could easily have been avoided.

You need gait analysis and proper shoes fitted by a specialist. Remember, brands and money have nothing to do with how the shoe will fit, let someone in the know help you choose.

My injuries were caused by ill fitting shoes (chosen by me), no proper foot support (insoles) and running through pain.

Get those basics done and you will be good to go. I started from 'agony' and nearly quit only to pick advice from this forum and get to the final stages of half marathon training, fit and injury/pain free.

Good luck, both!

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That's really encouraging to hear! Thank you for the advice.


Please read the guide to the plan which covers most common topics.

You can reduce the impact most by slowing down.


Hello! I picked up a fair few minor injuries, but mostly after graduating, and I suspect from pushing myself too quickly! It takes a fair while for your body to adapt to running - lungs, muscles and ligaments all have to get stronger.

The key is to not run through pain, and be patient. Good shoes and not running too fast are also very important, as well as good targeted stretching after running when the muscles are still warm.

A pain in the heel could be plantar fasciitis- a very common ailment for runners. I had a touch of this (to be fair, my body is running through every possible running injury it seems!) and sorted it out with “toes pose” (it’s a yoga pose - google it), and rolling the arch of my foot on a hard massage ball - a tennis ball also works. I did this twice a day and after a week or so it eased off.

Don’t panic! Just be cautious when you get pain. Running will always wait for you. 😀

Sadie-runs x

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Oh, and do consider some strengthening exercises for your non-run days - especially those for glutes, hips and core.

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I've been doing yoga in between. That's really helped opening my aleady dodgy hip.

Thanks again

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Thanks. I think both shoes and pace are behind my problems. I ran to music a few times and I was noticeably quickly with tunes.

Will give the tennis ball a go too - good tip.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. :-)

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Press down hard on the ball - it will be a bit tender, but it works!

Have you tried recovery walks the day after ?

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