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Thank you to everyone who gave me support and advice yesterday. It really gave me a boost. I ran for the whole 25 minutes, and although I allowed myself to stop at 25 mins I felt like I could have kept going - definitely a confidence boost.

Now I am really looking forward to my next run. Hopefully I will be running the 28 minutes by this time next week, if not more!

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Not will!!!! :-) Keep running and keep blogging!


Well done ;0) I completed the same run this morning! 5km def feels within reach now :0)


Me too - did it this evening and even had enough energy left to up the pace for the last minute just as Laura suggested. Can't believe that I can do this when I could not even do W1R1 six weeks ago.


Yeeah tashazarra-me too!! Completed the run this morning. Well done mumto2-good to know that I wasn't on my own-no ipod, battery had run out, but that didn't deter me, I still did it. Listened to the run just now to hear Laura say that now officially a runner-I really needed to hear that for myself. Daft I know-30 minutes runs now withing reach :-). Good luck everyone for week 7 on Monday.


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