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Completed W6R3 but hated every minute!

Didn't sleep well last night and certainly didn't feel like running this morning. However, having completed the first two runs of W6 without any difficulty, and hoping to benefit from mood-enhancing endorphins and a sense of achievement, I set off.

I felt thoroughly pissed off and resentful the whole time! Why am I doing this? Is there a more boring form of exercise? I'd much rather be on the allotment or climbing a hill. About halfway through I very nearly gave up but didn't want these 13 or so minutes of misery to have been wasted so carried on. I got to the end but felt no joy, only relief that it was over.

Everybody warns us that we will have bad runs but I never expected it to be this bad, especially since I had been enjoying the whole process up until now.

Sorry to be so negative and pathetic.

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No need to apologise for being negative; this forum is for the highs and the lows 😊 You may have hated it, but you've got to hang on to the fact that you did it! And you did it because something deep down told you that you had to! That much grit & determination is very inspiring ~ so well done you!! 🙌💪👊

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Thanks for the encouragement

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Doing it when you are loving it is easy.

Doing it when you are hating it, especially when your mind drifts towards stopping, is a major achievement.

Without realising you’ve just broken one of the biggest mental barriers to running. If you get this again you know you can push through, and the “don’t waste those minutes” attitude is a great way to squish mental gremlins.

Look back on the run and how you feel now. You didn’t enjoy it but do you feel satisfied that you got there? Do you recognise this as a battle you won?

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I take your point, thanks Jay

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Jay66UKGraduate in reply to

I hope the next one is much better.

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Far from pathetic you did it even though you didn’t want to. Jay66UK is right a huge breakthrough in the mental battle. Onwards & upwards! 😁

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Thanks for the encouragement

No sorry needed- my overwhelming emotion every time is relief that I’ve finished it!! I found week 6 very hard going too, stick with it you are doing great and the one thing you should take from that is you didn’t give up👊🏻x

Many thanks for the encouragement.

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Moan all you like that’s what we’re here for to boost you up when your not feeling it. It does other people good to know they aren’t the only ones having an off day when you see so many posts of people doing well.

Here’s to W7 being better than 6.

Thanks Kamia

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Well done u for finishing the run. I am so glad . I know how u feel as I maybe doing my run tomorrow and feel over anxious already but have to give it a shot anyways.

Please don't be put off by my experience! They say that at this stage the difficulties come more from the mind than the body and in my case this was definitely the case. Something had been upsetting me and making me feel very negative about the whole exercise thing, and this exerted a very powerful effect on the run itself. But I won't let this happen again as I know I have very good reasons for taking up running. All the best for your run x

I wasn't looking forward to that run as I get bored pretty quickly so I just put on my favourite music, zoned out, and the time just flew by. I tried to sing along which was a bit of a challenge and ended up just miming along 😃

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