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Week 5, Run 2 - Amazed!!

Wow, wow, wow.... I can’t believe that this morning I ran 8 solid minutes in one go! (twice!)

My legs are feeling it now a little but overall it went really well. I continued with my new route which I have mapped to be 3.46km, so a little way until I get to 5km but it’s a start at least and longer that I ever thought possible 5 weeks ago1

After the first 8 minutes run my legs felt a like jelly and the arch of my feet hurt a little but I kept a brisk walk and that seemed to help.

Onwards and upwards to W5R3! Fingers crossed for me :-)

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Just wait for run 3, it's a real rush. That distance is about what I was doing for week 5 so you're well on track.


The dreaded 20 is before you!!! ;-) ACTUALLY, you will do AMAZING! All previous runs have prepared you for this one!!!! Best wishes for a fantastic run!


Well done Clare and imagine how you will feel when you have done the big R3! Its a great feeling and really not so bad once you get going. Good luck!


Way to go Clare - well done. I surprised myself with W5r2 yesterday and MapMyRun said I'd done 4.01km which I was dead chuffed about - that 0.1 made all the difference :-). Planning on the 20 mins tomorrow - gulp!!!!


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