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Dejected at loss of fitness

I haven't run since the first week of the school summer holidays when I fell over and hurt my foot and haven't felt confident to run until today. The foot still gives me occasional pain, looking into physio, but I decided to try getting back into it. I was about to start week 5 before I fell and today I couldn't finish a week 2 run. Maybe I should have gone back to week 1, but I hoped I might have held onto some fitness, apparently not!

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Take it slowly and don't push too hard....your body will soon remember what is happening. Bear in mind that this plan gets you running from 0 to 30 mins in just 9 weeks... You've gotta expect a dip when you've been out for so long.

Look at the positives, imagine how many people out there start this programme, get injured or go on holiday, and then never come back..... The very fact that you got back into the programme is the important thing.....I'd carry on with week 2, and get some Ks into your legs, and I'm sure you will fly through the next few weeks.... All you've done today is blow the cobwebs away ;-)

Don't be disheartened, you'll be running 5k for advent!

See you at the finish line.



Based on my own personal experiences, (that is not doing the right thing whatever that might be) always made me feel fed up and disappointed in myself. I also found the effect had a way of compounding itself, the less of the right thing I did the worse I felt.

You certainly couldn't help hurting your foot, but you can help yourself by getting out and restart the course. Fully accept you've lost the fitness advantage and don't even think about that, it is the past and that cannot be changed.

However, you can change the future and I would STRONGLY encourage you to get out and restart the course. Don't over do it, but start slowly building up until you return to what you achieved in week 2. It might take you 3/4 weeks, but that doesn't matter because you are progressing.

So get out there, look forward not back, get going and I wish you all the success in your determination to reach 5K. Just think how good you will feel when you do that...WHICH YOU WILL. Good luck.


Great suggestions already given!!! You may even need to brisk walk a few sessions until you feel strong enough. No failure in doing that, you had an injury and now you're trying to get back in the swing of things. WELCOME BACK!


Thanks for your comment. They mean an awful lot, glistening of eyes. You helped me realize that although I didn't do as well as I hoped I still did and I will keep on going.


Please don't feel dejected. You have vowed to get back into it and that's the best start. I'll bet you whatever you like the next one will be easier. Come back and let us know how you get on!


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