Wk 7 r3 - feeling dejected

I've really enjoyed reading the daily posts since I started this challenge, but haven't felt the need to ask for help - until now!

As a non-sporty type, I've been amazed that I've managed to run for 25 mins and everything was going to plan ....until the run I've just come back from. This was wk7r3 and as I've already done a couple of 25 mins, this should have been quite straightforward. However, I never got into a rhythm and after 15 mins I got a stitch and started to feel sick and lightheaded. I just had no energy and had to walk for 5 mins before managing a couple of minutes as a pathetic flourish at the end!

I normally do my run first thing in the morning, so this was my first evening run - so might that explain my lagging energy levels? I'm so disappointed as I'd been achieving all the targets so far - but now my confidence has been knocked and I'm beginning to question whether I will make it to the end!

Why was my 3rd 25mins run so much harder than the 1st?


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  • there will always be bad runs, often for no obvious reason. Trust me, I've been there many times! You just need to dust yourself off and try again. You've done well to get so far without a hiccup yet so consider this a minor blip, because that is all it is. Good luck for the next run.

  • As LisaRose says, sometimes there's just a bad run for no particular reason. And a change in routine can make a bigger difference than you might expect, too. Don't let it get you down - you still ran for over 15 mins, and a few short weeks ago you wouldn't have thought that would be possible!

    Go out next time as planned, try the w7 run again, and it'll be totally different I'm sure. :)

  • Well done on your progress Welshboss. As LisaRose74 says, bad runs just happen.

    A flourish is exactly how you finished- you struggled, but you had the determination to crack on and get it done- you're the opposite of pathetic.

    You've already proved that you've got the grit and willpower to do this- only six more runs to go.

    I prefer morning runs too- I know my energy levels would be gone by evening. Chalk it off, keep well hydrated, take it steady- you're on the home straight. :)

  • Hey Chin up !

    You will have good runs and not so good runs, its all part and parcel of running and is no reflection at all on your ability to finish this programme . Look how far you have come . From a " non -sporty type " to running for 25 minutes non stop !

    I can understand your disappointment , but please try not to worry and just file it away in your head and try to forget about it . Sometimes theres no rhyme or reason to it , its just one of those things that happen .

    You are doing so well , you can do this, you really can , promise .

    Onwards , always , Onwards ! :-) xxx

  • I have now been running for 18 months and haven't got to grips with evening runs. I do them when there is no other option, and they never feel good. Early morning, pre breakfast, is what works best for me. You may be the learning you are the same, or it might have just been one of those difficult runs we all have from time to time. But don't think of it as a failure, there's no such thing as a bad run!

  • Today was just a little blip in a fantastic journey. Imagine your progress mapped on a chart, then put in the tiny little hitch that was today. Looks great, doesn't it?

    As everyone else has said, some days are just "not happening", and you have to brush it off and move on.

    Dewch ymlaen πŸƒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Ditto on what Coddfish said. Evening runs are not good for me either. Sounds like you were running on empty with the nausea and lightheadedness. We're you properly hydrated? Whatever the reason, as everyone has said, a bad run is just a blip. Just a practise run. Don't judge yourself over it. Take your rest day/s and then go out and enjoy your run :)

  • Some you win.. some you sort of win... never lose :) Onward, as poppypug says...:)

    Could be any number of things... but, you just go on, slow and you go on steady!

    Maybe humidity, maybe a little nasty bug, . maybe overtired... make sure you feel okay after your rest day... then put this behind you and carry on :)

  • Big hug. Lots of reasons why we have a less good than usual run. I love Irish-John 's term PRACTICE RUNS. Something wasn't quite right for you today but it will be better next time. have another go after a rest day and you will see.

    Personally I run better after work ( about 615 pm) than early morning. I think my body just isn't awake and hydrated enough then!! But you have run for 25 minutes three times I think.. So you can do it!!

  • I really struggle to run on an evening , I think your body prefers mornings like mine!!! Don't worry, you will do this.... If you need to do evening again just expect to feel more sluggish, ensure you have enough energy and fluid on board too. You are doing brilliantly, don't lose heart we all get those runs 😎

  • Bad runs happen - and what not to do is ....... beat yourself up about them - wasted and negative energy which saps your running confidence too. (and believe you me I am speaking from experience!!!)

    Just say, oh dear, the next one will be better, and at least I was out moving today.

    I am trying to do this after a bad run and on the occasions that i did this, it was much better, both for my head and my running.

  • I am really impressed that you've got to W7 R3 without a blip before this - congratulations! As everyone else has said, don't worry about it. It could have been anything. I much prefer to run in the morning, and although I do the occasional evening run, they are never my 'good' runs. We all have bad runs from time to time. Sometimes you can pinpoint the problem - dehydrated, not eaten properly, overeaten :D , too soon after another run or different activity, too much on your mind... Sometimes it's just one of those things. Put it behind you. The next run will be better. After all, you ran for 15 minutes, and then you ran for another few minutes. Result!

  • Don't beat yourself up. Conditions haven't been easy recently - I've found it's been so humid. It took me ages to get through week 7. I don't know why but I got there and so will you. 😊

  • Don't worry about it. You may have had low blood sugar levels. The distance between lunch and dinner is quite long. Think about having some kind of snack like a banana to keep you going if you run again in the evening. We've all had bad days out there. It's not a big deal. let us know how the next one goes :)

  • Everyone has said everything already. But.... just remember if you dont have a bad run now and again you will forget to appreciate the good ones xx

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