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Wk7 R3 - pleasantly surprised

After taking a 2 day rest rather than just the one day we set off on our final run of week 7. I'd struggled with the other 2 runs and really wasn't looking forward to it. Our group today was 3 adults and 2 teens - one of which was my daughter. As we left the sky was black but luckily the rain held off. I had the radio coming through my phone and again I found it was better for me than my music.

My daughter moaned the whole way round and I had to resist the urge to send her the wrong way!

Before I knew it we had only 5 minutes left and me and kebe323 finished feeling amazing. The other adult in our group had gone off ahead and she finished looking fresh whilst I was my usual purple. Week 8 looks less scary now and the fact that I can run for 25 minutes just amazes me:)

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Haha, purple is good! I did this run last night and was exactly the colour that you describe! Well done on completing week 7 and I hope you continue to blog here so we can keep up with your progress. Great stuff!!


Well done!! I agree with Fraz, purple is good, it means you're working hard :)

Keep up the fantastic running, only 6 til graduation, how fabulous is that! :D


You mean that purple isn't the color that I am supposed to be after a run??? gdeann and I have come to really appreciate that purple glow that we have when we stagger to the finish of a run!!! W7 is in the books and graduation is right around the corner...YOU ARE DOING IT!! Keep Running and keep us posted!!


Welcome to week 8 bubblehead! You should be very proud of yourself! Only a few more weeks left! Time will fly! Smhall and myself are down to one run left!!


Well done, that is great! You are nearly there now.

Purple is good, I also colour up really strongly and stay that way for a while (although I notice my colour recovery time has improved, in line with my BPM recovery), but this is A REALLY GOOD sign - it means that you are getting a strong blood supply (and nutrients) to your skin and peripheral tissue, which will help you look younger for longer and keep all the veins and arteries open.

Just wear running gear that goes well with purple, you will look geat at the end of each run ;-)


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