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Its not always a level playing field - bad runs.....not 'those' runs ;-)

I was quite encouraged last week when I ran 25 minutes (first time ever, using my own music) while I was still coughing and sneezing, but Saturday's run was dire. I thought I'd go somewhere new, that I thought was fairly flat (I clearly didn't cast my 'runners' eye over it previously). It wasn't and I really felt it. To be fair, there were a number of 'different' things surrounding that run. I didn't have my customary banana beforehand, instead I had two weetabix, it was an hour or so later than my usual run time, and I'd had a large (very) glass of white wine the night before - I remember from my weight training days that only one or two glasses would knock my performance by about 40%. I did go to the gym straight after and spent 30 minutes on the cycle and rounded off with a couple of lengths of the pool to minimise the muscle ache the next day.

Today I tackled W7R3, despite the constant drizzle - actually that was the best bit. I thought that last Thursday's good run may have been more to do with listening to my own music, so decided to try that again. To some extent it helped, but again, I chose a different place to run, which I realised pretty quickly was not very flat. I know that some of you live in proper hilly places, and I know that I'm a total wuss, but really, I was so knackered the whole way through, I could have given up at 5 minutes. Of course, I didn't give up. And I did feel good afterwards (soaked, but good)

Perhaps I'm just not as recovered as I thought from the cold and am being a bit harsh on myself. I really was out of energy afterwards, I nipped home for late breakfast and then went to the gym, but I stopped cycling after only 15 minutes and did a few lengths in the pool instead, before my restorative Yin Yoga class (I didn't fall asleep this time :-o)

I'm sure a good night sleep and a day of rest will have me back to my chirpy self! Two hours booked at the hairdressers tomorrow, time to catch up on some reading while I get pampered :-)

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Let me start of with saying that I am proud of you for not giving up when it would have been very easy to do so!! Again, the mind overrules the body!!

It sounds to me that you are indeed being a bit harsh on yourself! You are still recovering from illness and yet you finished your run, cycled, went for a swim and then stayed awake through yoga. That sounds like quite a day to me!!

I know that I have had a few runs that just didn't work. I couldn't move, I was exhausted, I had no excuse and no explanation, they just didn't work! I am sure that you will be right back in form before you know it!!

Keep your head up, you are doing wonderfully!!


Thanks smhall :-) It does sound rather a lot when I read it back, I'm not surprised I felt rubbish and I still have the (productive) hacking cough. Interestingly, I didn't get any aches from just running in past weeks, but now I'm cycling too I can feel the work I've done (maybe the longer runs have also added to that), so maybe I just need some proper rest.


Well done on W7R3. You didn't give up, that's the main thing! Enjoy the sense of achievement and the pampering ;)


Thank you, I am feeling quite proud of myself now I've had some time to reflect. Looking forward to the pamper, hope Georgia is working today, she gives the best ever hair wash and head massage!


I felt exactly same after week 7 run 2. Was encouraged by by son to get out and do run 3 after some days rest. Glad I did go as managed it and felt so much better for it .


its good your son is so supportive of you. I know logically that I feel better afterwards, no matter how good or bad the run is at the time. It really helps to see comments from all of you on here, knowing I am not the only one that has felt that way gives me the strength to continue when I have moments of self doubt


Sounds like you're doing great to me, bad runs (oh how your title made me smile!) happen to us all and when you're recovering from a nasty cold it does take it out of you, enjoy your pampering it sounds the very ticket. :-)


Glad to make you smile :-) I resisted the urge to cycle today and am feeling much better for the rest. Looking forward to W8R1 tomorrow!


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