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Not always bad

My posts tend to be a bit "this is awful", so here is a better one for a change. W8R1 completed, felt good all the way through and ran through the 5 minute warm down (warmed down afterwards, natch). Didn't have to vault any errant dogs, run with cats or throw my phone into a muddy puddle. Not a huge distance covered, but that isn't my goal. Thanks to you all for your previous encouragement: it played a big part in my getting to week 8.

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Well done :) Not for to go now for graduation.

Happy Running :)


You are doing brilliantly...we'll done :)


Great, well done! Feels good when it all comes together doesn't it? XX


Batting downhill now. It's practically in the bag. Take care now, go steadily and all will be well. We want you to finish strong

Enjoy these last few runs. You might not realise it but this is the time of your life so make the most of it. Wooohoo!


Thank you all so much - it is great to have graduates on hand who've been there!


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