This is me having a recovering rest after going up hill!

This is me having a recovering rest after going up hill!

Holidaying in North Queensland we went up to the summit of Fitzroy island. The whole 269 metres. Hahaha... you will say, I know, compare to you guys it is just a walk in the park but for dear littl old me, it was huge huge huge, all told I run up and down for 4.9km in less than 2 hours (including rests to catch my breath) through steps, boulders, dirt tracks. You know, it is something I would have never be able to do 2 years ago. We came across two couples starting on the track where the wife decided they could not do it and turned round. It was such a good feeling to know that not only I could do it but it was not a problem and I could redo it again and again.

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  • Well done! Looks great! Not on the bike then?😊

  • Dave Do you mean Push bike or motor bike? I am now the proud owner of a second hand Honda CT110 which is named "Hilda".

  • Motorbike, I think you tour on them?

  • Husband rode it from Hobart to Cairns with a group of liked minded guys fundraising for Prostate Cancer. I flew over to meet him. The bikes went for sale as part of the fundraising and we bought "Hilda" the little Honda CT110

  • Great run! over 2k miles, well done to husband..

    Honda CT110, Aussie"postie bike" great little bike by all account's, enjoy!

    I just have a Suzuki VL125 now, a cruiser type which looks like a bigger bike, aquired it from a guy who left it standing for a year, I got it running, but not good, think carb jets gummed up with old fuel, may be cheeky and put a photo on for you to see..

  • Fantastic. I still haven't bonded with uphill! Enjoy the rest of your hols.

  • Thank you Anne, uphill gets your heart bumping. It feels like it is going to pop out of your chest.

  • Well earned rest!!

  • Well done! It is a great feeling when you see real progress and realise you are a lot fitter than your contemporaries!

  • Well done! What a lovely picture. I used to live in Queensland but haven't been up north though. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  • A beautiful photograph.. and well done you. :)

    Lovely to know you can show folk how it is done! :)

  • Looking good Sweetie, and kudos to you for a great run :)

  • Hey, just look at you! Tanned, svelte, happy, healthy and laid back... When are you coming back to the homelands to eat cakes and drink tea with me?

  • Hi there mfamilias, πŸ™‹πŸ», laid back is just an illusion in my picture 😁.

    We intend to be in St George d'Orques in 2018 for a month or two or three..... We will catch up then.

    I have been slack with my running, always good excuses of course. I think I need a good kick up the proverbial to send me out there. I went out this morning walk/run/walk/run.... Then thought I would finish with a run up the 104 steps to the top of the sand dune but couldn't. I Jogged up 10 steps, then walked with a spring for another 50, then dragged myself for the rest... Hopeless.

  • Thought I replied, but haven't. Duh. 2018 is YONKs away :( C'mon girl, get your trainers out and take 'em for a spin; you haven't posted in ages, that's not like you! Depending on when you come to St G d'O, we could do a 10k together! Think about it. I'm waiting... :)

  • Yes about 18 months to go. Hubby wants to be in Europe to watch FIFA World Cup on the screen, hence 2018 in Europe. I should have the 10k licked by then. Will start tomorrow. Oh no can't, I am Marchalling at Parkrun. Sunday then....

  • Sounds like a plan. Hubby can watch the footie and we can do an official 10k for some girly team bling, or do a Salagou trail together! Woot woot, can't wait :)

  • You got a deal. πŸ˜€

    Should ask some of the C25K runners to come and have a C25K run or C210K run and give ourselves some lovely blings, then have a nourishing picnic....🍷 to recover, of course.

  • Sounds like an epic plan. To be refreshed, reviewed and put on line closer to the date!

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