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Could be an expensive business! W7R2

The sun shining tonight - normally I would be thrilled that there was no snow, rain or cold weather. Not tonight though!

I christened my new running tights and didn't need any audience other than my other half. Unfortunately the world and his dog was out tonight enjoying the warm weather and sun!

The warm weather has had me casting off my hoodie but also left me fiddling with my iPod - where to clip it without the wires getting in the way?! I have been using a shuffle for the podcast and my phone for a tracker but might have to sack the shuffle.

After my latest shopping spree on Saturday (which brings my total purchases for running related gear to running tights, compression socks, head band, waist bag, trainers, earphones & drinks bottle) - I have decided I need to some sunglasses suitable to run in. What a way to combine 2 hobbies into one! :D

The run tonight wasn't any easier than run 1 and although I sped up for the last minute I didn't have as much energy left at the end and definitely needed to stop. I'm hoping it starts to get easier or I can pick up the pace soonish - I don't want to plod forever. Maybe this is my target once I graduate. After all 2 months ago I would be the one saying "run, me? never! I couldn't if my life depended on it!" :D

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Must be all that kit you are carrying :-)

thread the ipod cable under your running top, it keeps it out the way. It's amazing how far we get by doing this. Well done and keep it going :-)


Ha ha we are exactly at the same stage (I do W7R3 tomorrow) and out blogs are so similar! I too have purchased sungalasses though not worn them yet...

I have an armband for my iPhone which am using tomorrow as am discharging the jacket, too warm now!


I have the armband for my nano, need to play round with the cable run as I keep catching it with my arm or hand . . . Haha


See alcopop's solution (1st response)


Hi Helen. I've got this one tomorrow and am so hoping to be able tonoick up the pace at somepoint in the future! Do your tights have a little hidden pouch inside the front or back? If not would your phone fit in your bra? Seems to be a popular place on here! I have a basic mp3 player just the size of a memory stick which would just sit inside my waistband if I didn't have one of the pouches I mentioned in my leggings.


They do but the problem is wear to clip the iPod - at bottom of t-short is annoying and at neck line it rubs.


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