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w7 r3 done and with no knee pain...woo hoo

i think i've bullied my knees into submission by not giving up cos thats wot they wanted me to do lol, i've had to endure the agony of them being sooo painful and had to stop running for 3 and 4 weeks at a time, but on sunday went out after 3 wks off and finished wk 7, was expecting the pain to start about 10 mins after i got home but nothing happened and today no pain either, so hopefully they now gonna be ok, :-)

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Welcome to week 8, hopefully with no more knee pain! :-)


thank u start wk 8 on wed so fingers crossed


Great news, I hope they keep quiet for you


so do i or i'm gonna put them on the naughty step lol


Well done on completing W7R3 - my run also today. And great news about the knees. I think some of the niggles we all seem to get are just our bodies getting used to running. I've had calf issues since week 3 and strangely they have *touches wood*, all but disappeared as I've got into the longer runs!


thank u hopefully they gonna be ok now, hope your legs are ok as well


That is great news! Good luck with W8!

After injuring my knees on my first try with C25K (leading to complications with gout) and having to restart there were three things that I found helped with my knees:

- good shoes

- I wrap my knees in ice pack "bands" as soon as I get in from my run

- I bought something called "Dr Ho's muscle therapy" ( a TENS machine)

I hope your knees continue to stay quiet!


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