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Been on holiday to Lanzarote, gosh it was so hot :-) , thankfully we had a pool at the villa. Tried to run the first morning at about seven but even with the sea breeze it was too hot for me so we decided to do brisk walking. It's quite hilly as well, so I did try and jog down them sometimes, but in all we did about 4km in 45mins alternate days. The really good news is with all the vodka,wine,and lovely meals I did not put on any weight, that's a first for me, always put on about 5lbs when away on holidays. Went out to our usual park at 6.30 this morning, gosh it was cold :-( . Must go and get some gloves and a hat before Tuesday run. Congratulations to those who graduated while I was away. Hope Deliaitaly is on the mend.

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Welcome back my dear Pat. Lanzarote sounds fantastic. And congratulations on the no-weight gain, well done you :-)

Thank you for thinking of me. I am indeed on the mend, hopefully my plaster will be off on Friday. It's been hot here so I've developed sores in and aroung the plaster (yuck!). However, I never did get round to buying an exercise bike, but am not feeling at all guilty (wonder if you should feel guilty about not feeling guilty?) I am walking a lot though as I am forced to leave the car at home, so my 4/5 kms a day to and from work hopefully count a little bit. Who knows.

It's still warm here although stormy today and tomorrow. With a bit of luck I'll be back on track on Saturday.


That all sounds great, good luck when you start again, and here's to your Graduation :-)


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