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The Treadmill saved my butt for W1R3

Normally I like to run on a nature path not far from my home, but it was quite ugly and rainy outside,so I went to my local gym only 10 minutes away. I knew I wanted to get my third run in today along with a long list of errands to do after that...well, when I got to the gym, I realized I'd forgotten my iPod. Initial reaction was not good, but I thought: hey, for this first week, I remembered Laura saying that I'd be running for a total of 8, I manually set the timer on the treadmill, looked at the display when I had to, remembered to slow down for 90 seconds after each run, and it all worked out! Plus, I feel gratified to have completed my first C25K run week. After that, the rest of my day and errands I had to accomplish went like gravy! I'm happy...

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Great job Lolly!!! Welcome to week 2! :-)


Well done, enjoy week 2!


well done, have a great week 2


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