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Into the Dark

Trying to find a good time to run can be tricky with a job and a family. Yesterday I wanted a run but decided to stick to the evening. As my partner wasn't going to be back till 7.30 that meant going out in the dark and changing from my usual riverside route, which would be unlit, to the hilly pavements where I live. Frankly they were not much better lit!

It also meant not eating, so I was probably a bit low on energy. On the positive side, it was dry. My route took me up hill for quite a bit but this was mostly taken up with the 5 minute warm up walk. There was one run uphill which was a bit tough. Otherwise it was straight or downhill runs. My main concern was not slipping in a puddle and breaking my ankle. Luckily that never happened.

It went generally fine although the thought of some of the longer runs coming up in the weeks ahead is a bit daunting. However everyone else here says it can be done, so I will be a believer! The endorphin buzz I get after the run is probably getting a bit addictive, and is great for staving off low moods.

I have just discovered there is a working shower at my workplace, so I may try to go out at lunchtime next week sometime.

On the warm down walk I had to switch from the podcast music to some Black Flag. Sorry Laura!

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I'm starting to think about lit routes too - glad to hear the pathments weren't too daunting!


Well done! Don't worry about the longer runs. As long as you have finished each run, your body will be ready to move on.


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