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Whoop whoop

Really really chuffed tonight.

Couldn't walk up the stairs without being out of breath in April

10k on Tuesday and 7k tonight in 45 mins!

Who has kept this amazing secret from me for 20 years that running is the best thing I have ever ever done for ME! I'm almost emotional about it.

Keep going newbies, never lose sight and you will all be changing your life massively for the better. Gosh that sounds almost evangelical! Lol

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Amazing!!! You should be expected to be emotional, look at what you've achieved!! Wishin you continued success!



Well done Nickyrunning; isn't it an amazing feeling? I've been running over a year now; didn't discover it until I was 51, and I still get a huge high out of a good run.



Brilliant Nickyrunning. You have given me great hope. I've just completed W6 this evening & I'm feeling very chuffed with myself. Loving the journey. Running is the best medicine :-)


Fantastic achievements, well done!

I've been banging the C25K drum wherever I go too, the doctor made a note of it, I've told a couple of nurses, everyone who will listen at my sports club (mostly raquets, not running there) and today I mentioned it at the local sweaty betty store. Running is too good to not share, especially if you are a 'born again' or new convert :-D


Hope I can achieve what you have. Wk 7 r 3 next! I am finding a new me! Like you, why have I never done this before??? Best thing to happen in ages. Feeling fantastic, and am finding I am looking forward to the next. Ought to come with a health warning - "Can cause addiction!"


What an achievement, enjoy the feeling and the smiling :-) well done.


I was so lacking in confidence that I did the whole programme on a treadmill in my loft (in the summer)! Now I've unleashed mysel outsides it's like I'm figuring a whole new world exists and I can run around and enjoy it! Those climbing through the weeks will do it and it honestly won't take long to really start increasing speeds/ distance if you want to.


No wonder you're chuffed. 7k in 45 mins is a good run and more importantly, it sounds like you really enjoyed it :-)


I think the NHS has an awful lot to answer for, they've started an epidemic and its spreading like wildfire. It now has even crossed the pond, hit Europe and gone as far as the Antipodes. Well done Nickyrunning you're well and truely contaminated ;)


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