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I DID IT!! W5R3 in the bloomin’ bag!! Almost didn’t happen - I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to do it, kept thinking of reasons to put it off, but just had to put on my big girl pants and go for it. But then - DISASTER! Half way through the warm up walk, I had some earphone adjustment to do, and the little rubber doodah pinged off! See the tears in my eyes! Up and down I walked, trying to find it - of course it’s black, and blended in nicely with the road surface.

I finally decided that the fates were trying to tell me something, and I should give up for the day, but after a quick but heartfelt word with St Anthony, I decided to have one more look - and there it was.

So off I go again, down the hill, up another, along a flat bit, up a windy ramp, along the tram station platform, up a hill, down a hill, repeat, repeat, until that gorgeous woman Sarah Millican said I had five minutes left. I suddenly found some more energy, and sped up so I could finish on the beach.

It was bloody hard at times, but nowhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be. The ‘give it up and try again another day’ gremlin did make a couple of appearances, but I flicked him off my shoulder and listened to the other voice, the one telling me I could do it.

So utterly chuffed, please excuse the rambling post, and here’s my post W5R3 selfie on the beach! xx

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Well done for not giving up or listening to those pesky gremlins! :) I think we all have those same thoughts but good on you for staying positive and doing it! Keep it up! :)

We'll done! I think this is my favourite run; people get such a buzz from it.

Whoop whoop indeed 🤗 That's the biggie so well done to you. Nice photo. Where is it? I see blue skies and that big round thing called sun?

furlmouseGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

A little place called Amerador, about 20km from Alicante on the Costa Blanca. The sun came out for the last 5 minutes of the run - it was pretty grey when I set off. 🌞

Congratulations, furlmouse; your persistence paid off. How come I never look as fresh after one of my runs! 🤣

furlmouseGraduate in reply to lagatachocolate

By the time I’d walked the 2km back, I was definitely NOT looking fresh! 🤣

lagatachocolateGraduate in reply to furlmouse


St Anthony always works! Well done for your run and love the pic :)

Great job furlmouse, ha the gremlin packed off home when you found your earphone doodah...he knew you meant business😆..

It feels brilliant getting that run under your belt.. you know you can do this now.. Treat the next run with respect, nice and steady, it looks like it will be easy, you will do it, but it is a step up...

Onwards and upwards 😊x

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