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Week 4, Run 2 - Definite progress !

I completed W4R2 this morning and was really pleased to find that it was much easier than the first run. I definitely think that running on empty at 6.30am suits me better. My breathing was much improved and although each run was still challenging I never felt like I wanted to stop.

Where I run has a lovely view over the city and I find seeing the sun rise as I’m running really motivational. I’ve had to change my running schedule this week due to work commitments (again) so my final run of week 4 will be on Saturday morning, which I’m actually looking forward to.

Also , yesterday someone at work asked me if I had lost weight which I was really pleased about :-) I have my ‘official’ weigh in tomorrow but I'm certainly noticing that my clothes are more comfortable and as daft as it sound I ‘feel’ lighter.

I’m really starting to believe that I can complete the C2K5, I know I still have challenges on the road ahead but it is starting to feel achievable now. To think 4 weeks ago I could barely run for 60 seconds and come Saturday I will be setting my alarm for 7am to complete the final run of the week.


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Congratulations! I did my W4R2 last night and found I wasn't wishing it was time for the Cool Down. I felt I could have kept going - admittedly slowly. Now the evenings are getting darker I've had to change my route which is slightly easier than normal but still has inclines. I'll go back to my harder route at the weekends. Like you, I can see that it is just about possible that I'll get there.


Only one more run to week 5! CONGRATULATIONS! Since I started, I feel a bit more toned and I seem happier. I guess exercise really does do a body good. :-) Good luck on the weigh-in. I noticed my clothes fitting differently but no big loss on the scale. Guess we are building muscle. Yes, do believe! You can finish C25K, its a great plan!!!!


Well done Clare that's great news. Sounds as if you've cracked week 4 which was my nemesis, hated it, so well done.

I also love early morning runs and as you say, when the low autumn sun is glinting over the buildings at this time of year it's very spectacular.


Great job, Clare!! It is an amazing feeling when a run just goes "right!!" You are into Week 4 and your body is beginning to adapt and recover during the runs!! I love thinking back to the times when my wife (gdeann) and I stopped saying, "Can we do this?" and started saying, "WE CAN DO THIS!!" You are having great success!! Keep Running!!


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