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I think I've got it !!!

Well last night I did my Wk2 R2 and halfway back through it my body just seemed to click into gear....its like my hips had just had an oil & grease up, everything felt so much smoother as my previous runs had felt very mechanical, if that makes any sense !! I really started to enjoy my running and my breathing also seemed to be in a sinc somehow....I hope I wasnt dreaming as I have my final run for this week tommorrow morning so will see how that goes. I have had some niggly pain on the inside of my right knee and Lauras suggestion to strike with the heel first really helped and so the pain stopped but a bit later I got a new niggle in the front right knee cap, so dont quite know whats going on there. Anyway I am looking forward to my final run tommorrow for this week to see how I go, hopefully I am starting to get this mastered. Hoo Haa Hope everyone is going well.

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Whoo-hoo! Almost finished with week 2!!! Our body knows how to run naturally if we can keep our mind from stepping in there and messing up pace, etc. You are doing great already getting breathing, and pace figured out. For me, it helps to do some before stretching and drinking more fluids the day of my run. GOOD LUCK!


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