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Wk5R3 - not that bad! Eekkk!

Have just got back from the run I have been dreading since the very beginning. Have been awake all night thinking about it and tossing and turning with a pulled muscle in my back and a stupid cold, oh and three kids with a cold too! It wasn't looking good. In Fact if wasn't for the look of expectation on the dogs face and my husband literally kicking me out the door I probably would have used the many legitimate excuses and not gone.

But I did, it really wasn't too bad and I enjoyed it - shock horror! The time went weirdly quickly, I'd prepared a mental list of stuff to think about so that helped. Gremlins are no match for the construction of a five years old teepee birthday cake and wondering where the hell three pairs of school trousers may have been hidden in a bid to not go to school by said five year old.

I'm so pleased I did it and feel I can now look forward to the rest of the program and I actually believe I might even graduate- not too bad for an overweight, sleep deprived working and breast feeding mum of three!

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Well done. I did W5R3 last night and like you had been dreading it. I won't say I enjoyed it but I did it (just). The sense of achievement is amazing isn't it?


Such a cute blog! Only a mom can relate to the disappearing items...we have a monster at our house that likes to steal things. ;-) The teepee cake sounds adorable!! CONGRATULATIONS on the run! Quite an achievement!!!!


Well done, week 5 run 3 is hard enough when you have some sleep, you've done tremendously well.


Hahaha!! I laughed right out loud when I read your post!! I am gdeann's husband so when she posted above about the monster that steals things at our house...I DIDN'T DO IT!! I think you found an incredible key to enjoying running...when we can let our minds move to something other than the gasping and wheezing old fat guy next to us (He must be next to us, I am sure it isn't me making those God awful noises!! :-) ) the run just seems to cruise by!! You are doing a great job, keep it up and Keep Running!!


Well done 179 monmou! I did it this morning!!! I too couldn't sleep last night. Great feeling to know that the dreaded run 3 is over. it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Followed an established runners circuit route-lost her and had a choice of two paths-of course i went up the blind alley and had to turn round, lol!! Got back on the right path in the end. Now for Week 6 :-).


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