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W2R1 - Did I not like that?

...But first W1R3. Saturday afternoon; cold and damp and I wasn't really up for it. It hurt and I hated every step of it. By way of a contrast W2R1 tonight was fabulous. 2 days later than planned, as I had to work late Monday and was otherwise engaged yesterday. However the extra rest seems to have worked wonders. The clear, cold crisp evening air also seemed to help. The hard part was getting up off the couch (and waiting for my dinner to digest). I eventually went out at 9:30, with the temperature just above freezing. I breezed through the first three runs of six; four and five were harder and I felt pretty tired by the end of run six, but the legs and lungs kept going and I managed to stay in control of my breathing. All of which was great. If only they were all like this!

Incidentally is there a recommended amount of time to wait before running following a heavy meal? Hungry kids mean that dinner is usually as soon as I get home from work. I usually wait about 3 hours after eating, which means running in the evening will be 9:30-10:30. Sometimes that's just too late.

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Well done to you. The recommended time to wait after a heavy meal is about four hours. Could you run before the meal?


It depends what you are having. Some dinners take longer to digest than others. I sometimes eat part of my dinner if I am ravenous and finish the rest when I get back 😁 I always wait a minimum of an hour. 90 minutes is better.

You will evolve meal time regime to suit you, as we are all different. Running too soon after curry for example, and dying of indigestion is a lesson I learned quick 😃

Good luck and keep going! 🙂


I think it varies from person to person as well as meal to meal. And how intense your session will be (arguably for many of us all the C25K sessions are pretty intense of course!)

I need to hit a sweet spot, can't run hungry. I usually work on two hours (I've never heard of four, I might be running out of energy at that point), and my fast runner brother who had some nasty gastric issues and is thus quite cautious about his meal timings for running uses three) but for most meals I think I am really pretty much good to go by 90 minutes.

Anyway, I think it is great you eat with your children. Could you change before you eat, so you've already got half the commitment to get out there done?

I do slightly mad stuff like eating my lunch at 10.30 so I can run at lunchtime.

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I need to leave 90 mins after a meal, 2 hrs if st a pretty substantial one, otherwise I tend to struggle too much.

Well done for such a good start to Week 2 though :)


Well done! It happens like that, some runs aren't so good but it usually makes the good runs feel better! As for eating, it varies from person to person. You'll just have to gradually work out what is best for you and what perhaps doesn't work.


It depends on what I am eating - two hours for a "proper" meal and 90 minutes for sandwiches etc. I sometimes run first thing, and then I might have a banana half an hour before, or just grab a cracker and run.


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