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Rain Town

Started week 2, was contemplating waiting a couple of days because of the weather. However yesterday fitted in better with my schedule and the rain lifted (still plenty puddles though). My first run after a full days work too. It went fine, but I definitely knew I had done some exercise! The only other person on the wind swept path was another runner, headphones glued on. I said a cheery hello, but I think she was in 'the zone' lol!

Hope there are not too many further challenges from the weather.

Forgot to mention. I tried to sell c25k to a calorifically challenged colleague today who was complaining about not getting enough exercise. He was briefly interested although the prospect of changing his diet didn't appeal. Will have to think of ways to sell it to him!

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Great job mabbers! We are encouraging several of our friends to try C25K, its awesome! WELCOME TO WEEK 2!! :-)


Well done, Mabbers! You must be very determined to have gone out for your run in that awful weather, and after a full day's work too. I bet you felt a real pro going out there! Good luck with your running, with that kind of determination you will get on fine!


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