The words on the street

I intended to write this earlier but I just didn't have time before I had to go out. Does anyone else listen to the words of the songs whilst running ? Sorry Laura but they're banal nonsense. I thought I'd share my memories of this morning (I might be paraphrasing a bit):

W6R1 -

"I woke up this morning and it was raining. I thought of you and wanted to take you to the sunshine, but I don't think you're convinced" - With a line like that I'm not at all surprised.

"I want to care but I'm going to Las Vegas" or something close to that, I have no idea why he's going to Las Vegas, I was hoping he might say but alas not.

"You turn me red" - I know, it came as a surprise to me as well, I wasn't expecting that line tagged onto a refrain about how much she loved him or he turned her on or something.

Anyone else remember any classic words from the series ?


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19 Replies

  • There was a song on today (W5R1) that was all about how amazing the rappers' life was - "everybody wants to live my life", " I've been around the world" "I get the finest girls" etc. I started to make up different lyrics in my head. Although they're mostly nonsense I do prefer songs with words to the dance songs.

  • Yes I remember that one, excellent :)

  • You know chewy, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. We may not want to know why she was turned red... Honestly, I can't remember any of the words, probably due to lack of oxygen. :-)

  • :) that made me chuckle loudly, what happens in Vegas... I'd never thought about that interpretation but now you mention it, yes, that makes sense.

  • Well I used to spend my runs working out the whole relationship problem on the You and Julie song!

  • TJ! You and Julie that to me was the nearest it got to a cool song

    . Still get it in my mind from time to time........

    Over a year later :-D

  • "I am a winner, I'll eat you up for dinner" is a particular favourite of mine from week 8!

  • Oh dear Newbie is this what I have to look forward to ? I'm sorry, I intend to dump poor Laura as soon I'm into the non stop running (don't tell her, I'm working out how to tell its me not her) ;-)

  • I'm glad now that I used my own music for week 8!!!!!

  • I still haven't quite got over 'See you later all you haters' from week 2 or whatever it was.

  • Yes I remember that one, he was running away from us losers or something like that.

  • can you hear the words?? No matter how far I shove those little earbuds into my ears or how far up the volume goes, I can't seem to hear anything but the labored gasping of an old, fat guy!! (There must be someone following certainly isn't it?) :-)

  • lol Smhall that really made me chuckle. I know what you mean, I always have a panting fat guy running after me too. :)

  • Ha! Ha! So it's not only me then....:-)

  • I loved the one in week 2 - "Get out of my Way - Im on a Roll!"

  • I liked that 'Run to me honey" one, I just associate it with shuffling up and down the old railway track trying to keep going. But I DID, that's what makes it good!

  • A lot of the songs sound vaguely like they are meant to sound like a different, hit, song. Oh, that sounds a bit like 'song 2' by Blur, that is a bit like 'moving on up' by Primal Scream. I guess it is too expensive to license these songs. Ah well, they set the right pace and none of them are too bad, although 'later haters' does get me longing for some hardcore punk.

  • You're right Mabbers, I keep recognising riffs from other songs which then go in an entirely different direction. It's quite clever really but the lyrics seem to be a combination of an opening phrase followed by anything that rhymes, no matter how nonsensical it makes the next lines sound.

  • I really feel I have been missing out now! I have been listening to Latin American music by Marc Anthony as I like the tempo. I hardly understand any of the words though :D

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