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Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze!

Everything was going so well and then I went and got a cold! It hit me on Thursday and I tried to ignore it, managing quite successfully on Saturday for our big concert but as usual, as soon as the stress is over, it all caught up with me. Thankfully I didn't get too bunged up but surprise, surprise my usual cough has appeared so breathing is not very successful at the moment, rather limiting exercise.

I had done W2R1 on last Tuesday and went to step aerobics on Wednesday and then that was it. My plan is to try and get out to do W2R2 on Friday and then finish week 2 on Sunday, which will only put me a week behind. I can't go to aerobics tomorrow but might try and swim on Friday, lungs permitting.

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Get well and return soon Paypol!!


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