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Sneezes and sore throat

It’s wk6 run 2 tomorrow and my daughter has given me a stinking cold. It’s not on my chest just feeling lousy and bunged up! The question is do I just keep going carrying lots of tissues?

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See how you feel... having a run that sucks is one thing, setting off when you know it will is a different beast. If I was as you describe tomorrow I wouldn’t run.


Personally, I believe running when under par is a waste of energy.

Get well and enjoy your run.

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I caught a cold last week too. It’s annoying when something out of your control interferes with the program. It wasn’t in my chest either but my whole body ached. I ended up having to rest. I figured pushing myself might make the cold last longer than it might otherwise! See how you feel tomorrow but a couple of days rest to recover will be good and you can hit the next run stronger. Get well soon x


Definitely not. Run when you are well and feel good. Your body needs rest. Your running legs will be stronger and you'll crush it!


I got the same type of thing on Sunday, I ran on and it clears while you excercise. My thoughts were 'if I can work feeling like this then I can run' I'm due to run tomorrow and I'll be giving it a go.

I don't think there is any right or wrong tho. You do what suits you.


What a shame, but unavoidable. I’d evaluate how you feel, although if you’re in any doubt I’d say probably best to give it a miss. As others have said, imagine how disappointed you’ll feel if you have a horrid run, or can’t even complete it because of breathing or just feeling under par.

Best rest up and get back out when the cold has passed. 🤧

Good luck! 😀😀


So I didn’t want to lose momentum so I decided to do a week 2 run to keep it nice and gentle. Still feeling a bit snotty but glad I did it!!


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