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W5 R3 my first rain run and deflated

well I did it, and kept running for the full 20 mins, although slow, and lots of new muscles protested! And I did it in the rain, hate rain, but it wasn't so bad really. And I'm over the half way mark, which is amazing! But feel deflated - what's that about? I was slow and it was tough, maybe I just got too excited that it was going to be easy. Not used to feeling glum after a run!

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but you did it.....and yes I found it tough too but its all part of the program to build your stamina for going forward. Don't be down about it, feel positive about W6 coming up and know that 20 minute run has prepared you for it. :D

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That run is a tough one. Most people go into it thinking it's impossible and finish thinking I don't believe I did it!! Don't feel glum, you've just run for twenty minutes! That's an incredible accomplishment. And you ran in the rain. This may just be one of those runs that didn't feel 'good'. We all get them (I had one this morning) :( Onward and upwards, you're doing brilliantly and, as you say, over halfway to graduation now :)


I posted about this recently in one of the other forums here. That glum feeling is horrible isn't it? I found I needed to eat a bit more as the runs got longer. I used to swim fairly long distances on "empty" but that doesn't work for me with running. It's early days for you yet, but I also find pushing a bit harder somewhere in the run, a sprint finish for example, makes a difference. It doesn't have to be far, a couple of hundred meters is enough for me...

It's good you've noticed the difference, now you can work out what works for you xx


No, that one normally produces a real high - but it is tough. It's a real milestone though and you are now able to run two thirds of the time that you run at graduation.

Plenty to feel good about!


Running is a very strange sport. There are many highs and lows. We make our mind up that this is going to be a fantastic run, we run for the run time but seem to fix our mind on something that wasn't quite perfect - speed, maybe we walked for a millisecond to cross the road safely or just felt tired. If you did the time, it is a great success. Week 5 run 3 is a daunting one for everyone, so well done. Just make sure you have a good rest, week 6 looks easy but it is still challenging. Same as before, nice and steady and go for it!!


The trick is to turn the negatives into positives, and that would be easy to do with that particular run. Your niggly muscles were just telling you that you were pushing them, and the rain - when it came - was literally heaven-sent and was cooling your body for the rest of the run. Believe me there will be times on runs when you thank the Lord for a downpour. A run cap is a good idea to keep the worst of the rain off your face and out your eyes. I got a cheapo running cap with headlight built in for about £6 from Aldi

Many runs are tough, and you will have to dig deep, but it will make you a better runner.

Well done!


Well done you for getting past halfway - just think how well you are getting into the running habit ready for when your work load kicks up a notch next month. I bet you will stick to the programme even then.

I have never done any sport where I haven't sometimes wondered why I was doing it, even if I have usually enjoyed it. I suspect this can happen with running too - though I am not as far through the programme as you and I am sure others have more experience to advise.

My guess is that you will enjoy it more next time because your expectations will be lower, and you will be ready for it being tough at times.


It's a hard one so well done.


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