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Week 1 done

So did my week 1 run 3 yesterday. It was a bit weird going out in the afternoon instead of at the crack of dawn. A few more dog walkers to dodge and cyclists, not to mention other runners. Feel a bit of a fraud when other runners race past me while I am walking, but I will be there soon. Got a stitch briefly but it soon went. Looking forward to week 2 and picking up the pace a wee bit. Maybe the evening runs are better to give me the high and tire me out before bed.

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I also finished week one yesterday. I've been running at night on a school track. It's cooler and not as many people, but listening to the bat fly overhead is a little creepy!! I also can't wait to start week two. Yay us!!



I know what you mean about feeling a fraud when you're walking (I always did in the early stage) but experienced runners know about interval training so won't think you're dodging. :-) Congrats on finishing your first week, keep it up.


Congratulations for finishing week 1! Week 2, here you come!


Glad I'm not alone feeling that way when walking. I always think everyone is judging me when I'm walking which is one of the reasons I'm happy that interval training is over for me. Well done on week one and enjoy week 2!


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