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Apologies for the weather - my fault I'm afraid

You see, this morning was to have been my graduation run, but I have obviously angered the great Sky-Father.

I was up for running in the rain, but I don't particularly want to expose my phone to the soaking it would get as I'm rather fond of it, the dog was also a bit dubious.

Looking at the local forecast there may be a window this evening, which if I (can) take advantage of it would be my first non-morning run ever as well as being my graduation.

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Perfect, we needed a volunteer to take responsibility for the weather, for a moment there it looked like we were going to have to blame an innocent victim at random.

Well done for taking the blame and I hope you're run goes well this evening ;-)


Oh, let's both hope I've got week4 to start! Good luck with your graduation run, sure you'll be great ;)


The great Sky-Father, I like it.. :-) It was like running in a wind resistance tunnel this morning, no PBs for me... Very wise to delay your graduation run for better weather, best of luck!


well thanks veeeerrryyyyy much, I am sat here in the Lake District at the start of a couple of days walking and it is heaving down!

At least I know who to blame :-P


Wise decision to wait until it clears off. Look at you! Soon to be graduate! Looking forward to a posting about your graduate run soon!!!


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