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This is the end, my friend(s)......or not

Nearly there, nearly there, I can almost see the badge. Completed my week 9 run 2 this morning, and it looks like graduation is upon me(Thursday). I was very pleased with the statistics today, although I am not one to dig for it (ya, right)

Week 9 run 1 : 4.18k

Week 9 run 2 : 4.37k

Phew, what a joyride this has been. The whole program, which I started on January 20th this year has taken me for a roller coaster ride. A significant mention would be the motorbike accident that I met with in early March from where I could really bounce back and complete the program, all thanks to the encouragement that I got here.

I know I know, I should really be putting this all in the graduation run post, but I cannot keep this in myself.

Thanks, ye amazing lot and I hope to continue on this journey along with you. I plan to take it really slow and listen to my body, and put in a lot of distance and time in the coming weeks and months. I also met with a ultra marathoner on campus who happens to be a Commonwealth Games athlete, and I have pestered him to help me out on cross training. Let's see how that goes! :)

Thanks once again, and remember:

The end is just the beginning!

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Yes - definitely! Graduating C25k is not the end !! -- it is just a small start!!


Good pace. I managed 4k in 31 mins on my first week 9 run. Might drive to park tomorrow for a flatter more sheltered route.


True, my usual running route (where I did about 95% of the program) is as flat as a pancake :D. My Strava recordings give me zero elevation, except on my warm-up, warm-down route which is a decent gradient. Are you about to graduate soon as well, Liz?


Yes. 2 more runs. After not running or being fit for 40 years I can't believe how far I have come. Keep worrying about injuries but so far so good. Trying to listen to my body and building up pace gradually.


Well done! Def not long to go - take pic/video to keep the memory of that last run! :-) :-)


Thanks. That's a fab idea! *smiles*


And I like that cover photo on that profile, and that profile :)

There is certainly a lot of positive change to feel, isn't it?

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yes definitely :-) thanks


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