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W7r2 5K for the first time!!


First time posting but feeling amazed that I've finally run 5k... 5.1 to be exact!! Just wanted to share that at the start of the programme I never thought I would be able to run non stop for even 10 minutes 😂 if you're just starting out, believe in yourself and don't give up!! I'm desperate to do a park run but too embarrassed haha maybe after graduation 😂🏃‍♀️

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Welcome to the forum. Well done, that’s good going for week 7

There’s no need to be embarrassed, parkrun are a very friendly and supportive lot, and if you’re hitting 5k now you’ll be somewhere near the average time already. Take the plunge and have fun!


Wow, 5k in week 7 is impressive. It took me until week 10 to do that. First parkrun next weekend - go on, give it a go!


Well done!! Tagging Tasha99 here because you've mentioned Parkrun 😊

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He he he I’m obsessed 😂 They are such fab things though! Look on your local ParkRun page, click on results, and you’ll see that massive range in times. Everyone is supportive and no one judges you. If you’re doing 5.1k in 30 minutes, you’re faster than many (including me) so don’t worry about it!

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They are great, and you really are the go-to person when it comes to Parkrun persuasion Tasha99 😝

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It’s a shame I’m not getting any better at them though 🙄


I echo the comments on here. Park run is fantastic, Trouble it’s not until you pluck up the courage to go along that you really see it, despite what everyone tells you. It’s for all ages and all capabilities. I never do a 5k on my own in as good a time or have as much “feel good factor” as I do on a park run. You can go along blend in with everyone else and away you go.

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