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The ups and downs of week 7


Week 7 has been a real rollercoaster so far. The first run of the week was probably the hardest I have done. I felt out of breath and tired the whole time. When Laura told me there was just a minute left and maybe I could find even more, I told her in no uncertain terms that keeping going was the best she was going to get out of me!

Three days later and at the end of what was one of the most horrible days teaching I have ever had I forced myself to run (fearful that if I didn't do it then I might never go back out). It was just beginning to rain and the light was starting to fail and I wondered if I might not make it round. However, I took it steadily and made it round easily. I felt like I was going much more slowly than usual (although it turns out not as slowly as I'd thought), but I didn't feel out of breath and the run was one of, if not, the best yet on many levels. When I got home and felt I had achieved something... which was wonderful after an awful day. Even now, 24 hours later I feel content, relaxed and looking forward to my next run, rather than pent up and worried about my class.

I had hoped that running might help me deal with the challenges of what can be a pretty stressful job and this week it has shown me that it really can make a positive difference. I did it. I ran for 25 minutes. It wasn't fast or glamorous, but I DID it. That has lifted my spirits in a week when I needed a lift.

I am so glad I began this journey right now :-)

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Well done you!! Sometimes we feel at our worst when we set off and by the time we've finished it's a different person unlacing the trainers :)


Fantastic and you're absolutely right. Bad days still happen, but if you make it through the whole run it seems to make up for everything else. You're on the home run (pun intended!) now, cos if you can do 25 mins, you can do 28, can do 30 and then rinse, repeat and run!


Great going chipstick!!! You are well on your way to week 8! I am starting week 8 and feel very much like you. I'm sure I'm not a pretty sight, but I'm getting it done. Wishing you a successful finish to week 7!!

chipstick in reply to gdeann

Thank you. Good luck!

Very inspiring from someone who is struggling to find time to run at the moment! X

Ps mean your blog inspired me as I am struggling to find time, just re read after posting and realised it could be read wrong!

I knew what you meant...thank you :-)


well done for sticking with it (great role model for your class too) :-)


Yay! Well done! Run 1 was hardest this week, I didn't have any left for Laura when she asked me to up it and 'finish on a high', but run 2 I did and this morning on run 3 also. You're doing great!

chipstick in reply to Beads

Well done you!I hope my third run of the week will be as successful as yours!


Well done, and I am glad the run helped you de-stress somewhat - it does seem to help cut these things down to seemingly more manageable dimensions, I think (or to put us in a frame of mind in which we feel better able to take deal with them). This is definitely one of my main reasons for running.

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