Week 7 Run 3... Awful, feel like giving up.

I cried with 4 minutes to go. Had 2 30 second walks at 15 mins and 21 mins as I felt I couldn't carry on. At the 21 min mark I was so angry and frustrated I screamed some choice words, then started crying. Still run though, and finished but feel like the only thing I enforced was the gremlins that tell me I'm failing, I can't run and will never graduate, I look like a stupid wobbly purple mess, my job is crap, enduring a nasty IBS flare that's making me look 8 months pregnant and I lasted no more than 8 hours not smoking. 

Woe is me...I sound so crazy. Not sure if 28 mins is ever going to be surpassed.  Week 7 was not good 😞


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  • I felt the exact same today on the same run, but we both can do this

  • Thank you, that means a lot x 

  • Don't be so hard on yourself, just think about how far you have already come.  We all have tough runs and days when we think we can't do it but you can.  If it takes a bit longer to graduate than you thought it really doesn't matter - it is all about making long term changes. You may have only managed 8 hours of no smoking but that doesn't mean that you will never be able to give it up, sometimes you just need to keep trying.  Treat yourself like you would treat a friend, with encouragement instead of criticism - you really can do this!   

  • I know, I feel like a goon. Had a warm bath... I reckon tomorrow I'll be like "que cera cera" 

    You are all right, 2 months ago I couldn't get up one flight of stairs without heavy breathing!  Now I bounce up them and my legs are a lot stronger. 

    Thank you 😀

  • Awww bless, so glad you're feeling better about it now - and they're all right - we started off on our butts on our sofas and out of puff just walking up stairs - and now look at us!  It's not easy - lots of times I'd have given up without my 'secret support group' on FB who are brilliant at spurring me on - keep on trucking :) xx

  • Bless you.  I had one of those runs last week, right after I'd had probably my best run ever.  I was heartbroken to find that I hadn't actually flicked the magic switch that made me a comfortable athlete, and I was in fact the same overweight, slow, non- athletic runner that I've always seen myself as. It was devastating. But tomorrow I do my graduation run (again). 

    A blip doesn't mean the end. It is just that - a blip.  If you were to plot your progress on a chart, what would that line look like? It may have a couple of little dips in it, but the overall trend would be skyward . Hold that thought 🏃😊

  • I hear you, no magic switch here! When Laura said I was a runner I believed her....sure did not feel like a runner today. 

    (early) congrats on the graduation run, you must be chuffed 😊

    Tempted to go make a chart!  

    Thank you, rhedwr, much appreciated xx 

  • I'd love to see that chart. 😊

  • I will get on that in the morning 😀 

  • Did you ever make that chart????? ;)

  • I did! It may be too big for here but can try to copy...

  • 8 hours.. no smoke.. it's a start!

    Small steps...you are coping with a heck of a lot of issues. Ain't gonna sort them all in one go.. so,

    Look how far you have come.. this was one run.

    You have a job... even if it is c***.

    Purple is a great colour.

    You had enough puff to scream and shout.

    Okay.. put this one behind you, get a good sleep. Have a rest day.. then get out there and do it!

    Slow, steady and even slower.

    You can so do this.. Right behind you all the way.. I will be the one pushing! :)

  • You made me chuckle! Thank-you! 

    I did scream, if anyone heard they'd of thought I was with tourettes. 😳

    Study day tomorrow,  hiding the trainers and exercising my brain. 

    Thank you for reminding me I have a lot going for me, even when I was purple! 

  • You go for it..brainwork is good...then get out there to blow the study strain away.I am going to be here..sending positive vibes! 🙂

  • We all have runs like that. Keep going, you can do it!

  • Hello!  Don't beat yourself up for a walk break.  You're doing great.  Remember where you were when you started??  I often have walk breaks and I graduated two years ago.  There are no rules - your running is for you.  And the fact that you're running despite a flare-up is great!  I have IBS as well.  When you don't feel wonderful your runs may be shorter or slower.  And that's a-okay.  

  • Thank you runswithdogs, IBS is a pain in the backside (no pun intended) . That was what I thought, get graduation over and done with then create my own run program, with some cycling and elliptical.  I even bought kettlebells.... You'll laugh...my husband had to carry them to the car!!!!! 

    I'll see how I feel on Sunday and go from there. 😊

  • Good girl.  You had a crap day.  Move on!

  • You ran 15 minutes non-stop  - could you do that 2 months ago? You're doing great! The running gods weren't with you yesterday, the gremlins were. But they won't be tomorrow! Change your route, shake it up a bit and in a few weeks time you will graduate! And we'll be there cheering you on👍😎

  • I have no idea why, but in my opinion, week 7 is The Hardest Week.  It almost broke me, too.    I can't remember what I did now, but I likely repeated a day or two. I do remember that I found week 8 to be much easier. 

    The best advice I have is to carry on, and then in a few months you will be consoling someone else who is struggling with this dreadful week!  

    Good luck!

  • Thank you, another run tomorrow, and I'm hoping it will be fab!

  • You've reached week 7 and say you are failing??? Hardly! Especially as you just know you will be out there having another go! My goodness, think what it was like in week one and how far you've come!

    Ever onward! You're doing really well !!

  • Thank you!

  • I've had a bad week 7 too. Had a celebration last Weds and was hungover for the next day so missed my day 2 run. Tried it on Friday and had to walk 4 times. I went out on Sat and Sun and did the 25 mins. Saturday nearly killed me and Sunday wasn't too bad but one of my legs was giving me a hard time as if to say what the heck are you doing running two days in a row? I'm making myself go out for the 28 mins later today as I've got my graduation run down for 5th May and determined to get there. I've been fighting the "you're never going to do this" in my head all week. We will do this, however, no matter how slow we run or how long it takes and we'll all encourage and help each other on here :) I'm so glad this forum exists as it's really helping me grit my teeth and keep going. Well done for getting out there keep going and imagine the grin you'll have when you finish Week 9 run 3!!

  • I'll be rooting for you :-) 

    I hope to graduate weekend of the 7th/8th May, if all goes to plan. If it doesn't it doesn't, I'll still keep plugging along!

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