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Week 8 ups & downs (literally)

Well that’s Week 8 done and dusted and it’s been a pretty mixed bag...

Run 1 was a total high, as I shared with you all previously I finished my 28 minutes and kept going an extra 4.5 minutes to reach 5K! I was over the moon.

Run 2 by contrast was possibly my least favourite run of the whole programme. I tried a new (hilly) route as most of my runs tend to be fairly flat. It was horrendous! The first 15 min or so we’re fine but then came the uphill to make my way home... I was so close to giving up and I’ve never felt like that before ☹️ very deflating.

Run 3 today I went to the beach, long straight run, not bad but not great either. I didn’t like that on the way back I could see how far I still had to go it made it feel longer, also I was running against the wind on the way back although pleasantly cooling it really felt like someone was trying to push me back.

Not thrilled about this week but onwards and upwards... week 9 😱😱😱

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Huge well done you!

Challenging yourself to keep going and finding that inner motivation can be hard... but you did it.. some new experiences.. and new tests for you.

You did it and you did not give up :)

Pop in a bit of extra rest day exercise and stretching...then head into the last week, in a relaxed and slow and steady way :)

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You are getting there though! Struggling through it all no matter what and not quitting!!

It’s too easy to quit and take the easy way out.

Keep up what you are doing and you will smash it 🙏 no matter how difficult it gets and even when you feel you’re going so slow you’re walking just keep on going.

Well done you!! 👍👍👍

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Wow, that’s amazing, well done. Each run has given you a different perspective and learning experience to add to your running career.

Inspiring stuff! Good luck for week 9.

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Thank you all for your positivity and support! I’m definitely feeling a lot better about my week, it wasn’t all fun but each run was a learning experience and another step, no matter how slowly, towards graduation and the next stage of the journey


I had a similar week 8 and ended up repeating r2 as I had to stop at 20 minutes, feeling dizzy and sick. Finished r3 yesterday but felt like hatd work. I had similar experience in w4 so im hoping its just another blip and W9 will be better. Well done for conpketing and sticking with your W8

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It must be a week 8 thing as I’ve seen a few others also having similar experiences. Let’s kick Week 9 butt 💪


Well done. You made it, running against a wind isn’t easy but you did it. Now onto the 30 minute challenge. Enjoy them all.


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