Shorter runs for the knees!

Did 2 miles today. I've decided to do shorter runs until my knee settles down. I'm finding the suppport a real help. I can't see why it should be, but apart from when I run, there's no pain, not even any twinges. While I was running, I had 4 painful quick twinges, but I don't think they were as bad as they have been. I think I'll do a few 2 mile runs and then increase a bit at a time! I almost enjoyed today's run, it took about 21 minutes. I did the uphill slope and looped round, coming downhill then along the flat. Think I need to increase my strength, so perhaps if I can speed up this will do the trick. We'll see! The knee support seems to be making quite a difference, my knee's not hurting so far! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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  • My knees are a bit sore after my 5-and-a-bit k last week, so I know what you mean about shorter runs. I'm glad to see the support is working - what sort do you have?

  • Annie, I've got the Boots 'sport' type. It's red on 1 side, blue on t'other and costs about £15 (JUST FOR 1!!). There's a slightly cheaper one but the 1 I got is for sport so I thought I should splash out. You measure round your knee and buy according to this measurement (my Boots had a tape measure behind the counter) It's not tight but it's making such a difference. When I'm shopping again, I'm going to try a Poundland one for the other knee, which doesn't actually hurt, but prevention's better than cure! I'd say it was well worth every penny!

  • Thanks for that, stayinbed, I just might try it. I was supposed to be going to the gym today but both knees are rather creaky. Maybe I have rusted because of the rain :(

  • You'll need to bath in oil to put you right!

  • Glad the knee support is working, I was thinking of trying them. My knees have been painfull off and on since July. After last weekends run they were quite bad, so this week I only did 2 runs to see if that would help and today my left knee which was the worst has been fine, but my right knee is throbbing again.

  • RunnerBean, it would be worth trying the Boots knee support, I think. I can't understand why it works but it does seem to! I read somewhere that if the pain carries on, you should see a doctor though.

  • Shorter runs sound like a good idea, while your knee is getting better. Could you fit in some aquafit or something that's strengthening without being high impact?

    My left knee only hurts when I walk up stairs but is otherwise fine, even when running. I find a knee support helps so wear one whenever possible and certainly when I run in case that's doing any damage. Daren't go to the doctor in case he says I mustn't run!

  • I would love an excuse to stop running Soozz. Today it's raining so I'm postponing till tomorrow! Tomorrow, I hope it'll still be raining!

  • I didn't go running today, either, thoroughly horrible out and I would be sure to slip over and sprain my ankle or something. Just walking to town was a battle. See what tomorrow brings.

    If it's as sore as that maybe you should take a week's break or something? You wouldn't compromise your training so far and it'd probably do a lot of good! Anyway, hope it gets better soon.

  • I'm managing 2 miles without further hurting my knees so I'm keeping on with that for now. The real test will be how my knees are at Keepfit tomorrow!

  • Seems like cranky knees abound at present. I still haven't run since a week last Saturday. I'm almost determined to try a run tomorrow, unless my knee acts up again. I was thinking of trying a shorter run too (although once I get started, all being well, I just bet I'll carry on!) Hope your knee(s) behave themselves, stayinbed.

  • Oooh, you really should try a knee support Legion. I hope you managed a run today! I couldn't have run any further, I was exhausted. I hope it's just mind over matter, and I can do further again!

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